Which colour grout ????

29 Nov 2008
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United Kingdom

I am now onto my bathroom and thinking of tiling the floor with large
600 x 600 white polished porcelain tiles.

From experience, what colour grout suits these tiles best. I am leaning towards white, but am thinking (two kids, both boys !!). I don't want it yellow around the loo !!!

How do they look with a dark grout has anyone seen this ?
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unless you would be happy with cement grey - which is the norm for a floor tile then i'd agree with bathstyle.

grey discolours less as its undyed.

Granfix, and several others now do a 'hygenic' grout which would be better than nothing if you dont want\cant afford epoxy. search for granfix maxigrout. Once used follow up with a sealer
I think your fears are well founded; epoxy will fair better than standard grout but I never advise white on floors, it will look quiet grubby in a very short space of time. Personally I think standard grey looks OK or why not go for a darker contrast, charcoal or even black; if you go for contrast, it usually looks better with narrower grout lines. Be careful with the porc tiles, check if they need sealing, coloured grout may stain.
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have to agree with richard. we always advise customers to go for grey on floors.

You can still follow it with a sealant, and i would advise the maxi grout.
Thanks gents.

I have bought the tiles today from a reputable local tile shop. He says they don't need sealing etc. So I assume I could grout in grey without worrying about staining ?

What is the "EPOXY" stuff. I would prefer white and if this will keep clean, I would consider it. It is such a small area (just over 3sqM)so the cost is not really an issue !!
epoxy is chemically impervious, so it wont stain. its often used in commercial kitchens. it will still need cleaning, much like your tiles but it will clean off.

its a pig to apply though, any left on your tile wont come off - ever :)

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