Daewoo fridge freezer which way should the fan run

30 Nov 2008
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United Kingdom

Was given an American old style Daewoo fridge freezer. It is not the new side by side but the 800mm wide traditonal style. Unfortunately I do not have the model number to hand. The freezer was making a grinding noise when active. Took it apart to find that the circulation fan in the back of the freezer compartment had slipped down the motor spline and was rubbing on the back of the fan holder(and worn some parts of the blades away). On taking it apart it looked like someone had been at it before. There was a rubber grommet between the fan blades and the motor housing that looks like it should be pressed into the concave part of the fan and it also looked like the fan was on the wrong way round (concave bit of the fan towards the front so the grommet had nothing to sit inside. In this postion it would have been sucking air from the freezer compatment and onto the exhchanger. I have fixed the issue and put the fan back to blow air from the back of the unit where the exchanger is towards the freezer compatment. Question is should it suck or blow? Note the fan switches off when the door is opened if this makes a difference to the fan orientation

Attached is a photo of the compartment and how I have installed the fan, when it was the other way round you could see the concave part of the middle of the fan yet there was a grommet that looked like it belonged inside this that was on the other side of the fan

Cheers for any help, just pleased that it seems like I do not have to put my hand in my pocket and buy a new one

PS anyone know where I can get a new fan blade from (as obviously it is un-balanced now due to the damage to the fan blades)

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Slight edit,

Is the grey area to the right of the fan a duct towards the fridge side of the unit (note freezer is at the top of the unit fridge at bottom). If this is a duct then perhaps it should be sucking air from the freezer compatment rather than blowing air from the exchanger to the freezer.

Thanks so near yet possibly so far
Another update,

The fan does not actually suck it only blows. It is actually pushes more air when set the wrong way round which it the opposite to the photo ie the concave part outwards. The model is Daewoo fr 510


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