Damp under parquet causing bitumen smell

1 Mar 2011
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United Kingdom

I have been advised that the bitumen smell coming from one of my ground floor rooms could be due to a damp. As the blocks sit on bitumen on top of a solid concrete floor, i am wondering what my options are.

Do i get a builder in to remove the floor completely and lay a new slab with insulation etc?

Or rip up the blocks and put a liquid DPM on top of the existing slab...

I don't want to raise the floor level too much if at all.

Also don't want to spend too much cash if i can help it...!!

Does bitumen smell when it gets wet, or is it the blocks rotting and the bitumen smell coming from that..

Any help appreciated

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Are they woodblocks. Does sound like the smell is from damp under them. If you take them up then get flooring grade Ashpalt. Should be similar height.
Yep, woodblocks

I have a wierd damp problem around the edges of the floor, where it meets the wall. Some days it is as dry as a bone, other days damp. Take today, no rain for several days, scorching hot, but damp patch present.

No nearby pipework. No drains on outside of that wall. No leaks - when i went on holiday for a week the water meter hardly moved.

Therefore reasonable to assume i guess, that if the edges are damp the middle of the floor must be too.

I have done all the usual checks - outside ground level is below exterior DPC. Inside floor level IS slightly below the internal leaf DPC however, but it was built that way.

Who would i call to take a look at this? A damp proof co didn't want to know - its been injected in the past.

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Think you be best putting this question on www.theflooringforum.com some good lads on there that might know. I only deal with floors myself mate, so not sure myself. If you could take a few pictures to upload that might help.

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