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Dimensions of Bosch router bits...

Discussion in 'Tools and Materials' started by agulesin, 17 Jan 2016.

  1. agulesin


    14 Feb 2012
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    United Kingdom
    Hello All,

    Does anyone have one of these bits: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B004WO637E/? (Bosch 2609256608 25mm Tongue Jointing Bit Two Flutes)

    I'm trying to learn the width of the remaining tongue, so I can decide whether I need a groove cutter or can do it with my existing straight bits.

    As usual, amazon's description leaves out important information but includes useless details such as: "Batteries Included? No" :))

    While we're on the subject, does anyone know of a reasonably-priced "one piece tongue and groove router bit" such as shown in this video:

    Thanks for your help!
  2. JobAndKnock


    30 Sep 2011
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    United Kingdom
    Take it from me, you are far better off using a groover with the appropriate bearing to cut the grooves than trying to balance your router on the narrow edge of a long board. That way lies madness! (or a few ruined boards, frayed tempers, etc.....)

    I don't see the advantage of a one-piece bit, although I use a "kit of parts" type set (in fact these from Wealden Tool) which is a lot more verastile. If you are using in a router table then all you need to do is drop the cutter by 5mm to run the matching groove - providing your material is 15mm thick or less. Other than that a 5mm groover with a bearing to give you a 5mm deep tongue would do the job. Personally I find bearing-guided T&G sets easier to set up, and both faster and more accurate in use as well as easier

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