dimmer switch wiring

14 Feb 2004
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United Kingdom
I have a 2 way switch where one is a dimmer switch and it has been working OK however I cannot understand the wiring.

Each switch has three connectors L1 L2 & C

At the Dimmer

C has three red wires
L2 has one black wire
L1 has a red wire

At the switch

C has one red wire
L2 has a black wire
L1 has a red wire

This workes fine ( I'm not sure why ! ) but I just bought a remote control dimmer ( Doyle & Tratt ) to replace the manual dimmer and the terminals are marked by different symbols

a wavy line with an arrow through it ( Load ? )

I have connected it as follows

L1 - Live
L2 - S
C - wavy line with arrow through it

This works but only if the other switch is in a particular way ( ie it's in series )

I have tried the following

L1 - Live
L2 - wavy line with arrow through it
C - S

But nothing worked at all

Any ideas
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Did it not come with any instructions?

My GUESS, is that Live is the live feed, and the two outputs are S when it is "off", so that you can use it in a 2-way switching circuit, and squiggle, which would be the dimmed output.

Could you verify this by temporarily putting it in place of an existing 1-way switch? Connect the live feed to Live, and the other wire to the squiggle, and check that it dims the lights, then take the wire from squiggle and put it in S, and see if tht jut turns the light full on and off, with the light coming on when the dimmer switch clicks into the "off" position?

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