Disable panic alarm on Veritas R8

20 Dec 2012
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Newcastle upon Tyne
United Kingdom
I have a Veritas R8 alarm, and want to remove the panic button from the circuit.

I've managed to damage the wire to the panic button, which I shaved when floor sanding, and just want to remove it altogether. The panic alarm has a 4-core wire (red, black, blue, yellow).

The keypad is currently showing a 'tamper' light, and a fault on zone 8 (the panic alarm).

I've got access to the control box (which I found hidden under the floorboards whilst sanding), but I don't have the engineer access code - it's not the default, and the system was installed circa '97 and I have no way of finding it out.

My question - is there a way to either remove the panic alarm circuit altogether (i.e. disconnect or change wiring in the control box), or 'short out' the panic alarm circuit by connecting up the ends of some of the wires?

I just wanted a rough idea of what to try, as fiddling around by trial-and-error will keep setting the alarm off (even when unset).

Thanks for any help.
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It's simple. In the control box simply remove the wires from zone 8 and snip an inch off one of them and make it into a loop. Put the loop in the terminals you just took the two zone wires from.

When you take the two wires out of the 8 zone terminals, trace the two accompanying tamper wires and take them out of the tamper loop. Re-close the tamper loop. Reset the panel and Bob's your Uncle.
Joe, please tell me if I am wrong as I am just an amateur.

Isn't a panic alarm just a couple of normally closed circuits ?

If so, can't one just join the 4 cores together using a terminal block ?

If that doesn't work join red to black and blue to yellow - I know that is guessing however I would lay good odds on those being the pairs !!

That way the box doesn't need to be opened !!
You can do. I thought you'd knackered the wires and opened the box. Yes simply make two loops of the separate circuits, tape it up and stick it under the floor.
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The wire was nicked where it comes up through the floor, and one or two of the cores have been cut.

I looked inside the box of the panic button last night (which set off the alarm); and from memory, I think the yellow/blue were joined together on a terminal, and the red/black were on either end of the switch. So if I cut the cable, I guess that tells me which wires to join together as you suggested.

I've not opened the control box, I'd just discovered it under the floorboards. It makes a bit of a humming noise, so I think I'll leave it alone unless neccessary!

Anyway, I'll give it a go tonight. Cheers to both of you.
If it's humming too much then that is a sign of a bad battery. Better change it when you get the chance.

Yes you are right re the pairing of the cores.
I've got access to the control box (which I found hidden under the floorboards whilst sanding)

I certainly hope you ain't putting laminate down...

It really bewilders me why people put them in such stupid, stupid places!
Hi Josh,

I'ts not only bewildering it's downright dangerous, I wonder where they've put the fused spur to shut down in emergency, bet it's under the floorboards as well. As Joe pointed out, buzzing transformers are not a good sign, and I've seen them get very very hot. So good advice from Joe and bad installation practise by the original engineer. I wonder if the installer has got his Part P ? If he did, he would know the dangers.
No, I'm not putting laminate down, I've sanded and varnished the floors. I was quite surprised to find the box there!

Anyway, I snipped the cable and joined up the ends as suggested, and all works fine now. Many thanks for your help, much appreciated.

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