DIY newbie: water damage,sunken tray...want whole new shower

19 Aug 2007
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United Kingdom
We have a problem with the shower unit in the flat we bought about 2 years ago... When we moved in there was a slight gap at the back of the tray where the sealant needed replacing and we suspected water was getting through. Am not sure how long it had been like this before we arrived.

We replaced the sealant but I suspect there was already water damage underneath as I can see some brown stain on the plaster roof undernear the shower on the level below us.

The sealant came loose again and the tray has settled/sunk a little (3 mm?) in that one corner. There's also a ring of small tiles that have been laid horizontally around the tray, which I suspect was used to cover the fact the a too small tray may have been used. Anyway, 2 of these have come loose.

There is ample space to actually extend the shower area and I'll like to use this opportinuity to do it. So my broad question is what kind of cost would be typical for that kind of labour, not including materials? ie. To remove the shower unit, fix any damage underneath, fit the new one, re-tile etc.

It's beyond me as far as DIY, at least at this point as we only just finished our very first DIY project.. fully re-painting.

any info/tips would be appreciated!
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Have a word with your insurance company to see what they can come up with.Most of them will honour a claim for damage caused by water ingress.For the other part of your question,I don't think anybody can give you a typical cost for your job without seeing it.You will have to shop around for quotes and prices in your local area.

Great time to start learning!!

With the help the guys here and reading through old post, im fitting a new shower in my bathroom from scratch. so far so good!

Its not as hard as it looks!
Also just as a guide for you, my new shower, toilet, and sink, inc taps new pipes, tiles, grout, various tools, floor tiles, shower unit, thermo shower valve, has come to about £1900 (shires, hudson reed, aqualux etc)!!

What takes alot of time is planning and shopping around for the bits you need!

Compare that to the quotes you will get!

Comon this is DI Ynot!
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If he gets the job done through his insurance,which i'm sure he will,it wont cost him hardly anything,apart from his excess and any extras he might want to have done.Compare THAT to what you've paid.He will also have a guarantee with the work,you wont.


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