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16 Feb 2007
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West Midlands
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I don't like to air my dirty laundry in public but some of you will have already read about my current situation in another post so here goes..

If you want to skip the back story scroll down to the **************

I've been out of work for 13 months and like an idiot managed to run up my barclaycard bill.
I was managing to make the minimum monthly payments by taking out cash on the card ( yes I know.. stupid move, but I thought I'd be back in work in a few more weeks and start paying it off.. ), but it's been maxed out since december ( no pressies, crappy x-mass ).

I went to the CAB who draughted a letter asking barclacard to show some compassion and freeze my account and the interest etc on it..
I pay them a token amount each month as I was advised.
They are still harassing me for minimum payments each month that I simply cannot make. it's up to £1000 minimum this month.. I couldn't pay that if I was working 24/7 anyway...

I know they want their money back and I intend to pay it back.


I received a call today from a company on behalf of barclaycard asking about my finances to see if they could help.
The woman on the phone is sending me some forms for extra information.
She said she'll put a hold on my account for the next 14 days until they get the paperwork back and that she was trying to help me avoid "doorstep collection"!!!!..
That sounds to me like a veiled threat about bailiffs..?

It's my understanding that they cannot just send round a bailiff to take my stuff without first taking me to court and acquiring a CCJ against me.. and that I don't have to let any bailiffs in without a court order..?
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Col, not had any experience of this so don't know how to help except to tell you to get back in touch with CAB. Try and see the same person each time you contact them, this way there is continuity rather than some one else having to go through your file each time.
Tell them exactly what is happening every step of the way. Don't ignore any letters, even if it means contacting the sender to say you have received their letter and are taking advice on the matter. Keep paying a nominal sum each month to show goodwill.
Does sound possibly like bailiffs but could also mean someone comes each week to collect a payment rather than it going through a bank account. Can't see how this would be any cheaper though.
As I say, get back in touch with CAB and tell them everything.

Good luck mate, lets know how it goes.
No baliff can come round without a CCJ. Even then they cannot gain access to your property if you have children on the premises.
Talk to Barclays first mate.

I was in similar situation while ago with First Direct and ended up taking out loans from Money Shop to pay, couldn't make those payments so got those LoanTil Payday loans just got deeper and deeper.

One month just decided couldn't go any further and wrote to them all (owed about £4K)

I have now made agreements with the 3 companies to pay these back at a reasonable amount. Everyone happy with the decision, I have few pounds in my pocket each month and they are getting their money back

check out that link they were great help to me in how to talk to the creditors, what to say (and not to say)

Good luck if you need any other info just send me a PM
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baliff can only take what you own.. it sounds like your in real stum.

I would start selling non-essentials to see if you can get some cash. If a baliff takes anything it often goes into auction where you get sod all for it. Better to sell it privately see if you can get a decent price.

keep touting for work, something will come up.

good luck.

Doorstep collection etc is just tactics to scare you into paying so do not be intimidated by them.

You should have been referred to a debt case specialist at the CAB who will draw up a financial statement for you and send to Barclaycard. This will show them what you can afford to repay every month.

They should agree to accept a small amount every month and will only send in the baillifs if you default on this.

Are CAB not handling this for you? :confused:

To everyone.................If you have a baillif at your door always close the door and speak to them outside. Once they are in they have what is called "walking possession" which means that anything itemised will be seized in the next 5-7 days unless you pay up.

I went to the CAB in feb and they draughted that letter for me. that appointment took 2 months to come through so I been back to them since..

been on to the cccs and they gave me pretty much the same letter that the CAB wrote and told me to send it to barclays, which would then be the 4th copy of virtually the same letter that I've already sent them 3 times..

if I sell my telly to my mom and dad but they lend it to me, then th bailiffs can't take it can they? since I don't own it..?
Took me at least 4/5 letters to each before we agreed on the original offer mate.

I told them would have been half paid if they had agreed at the start.

Make sure you keep a copy of each letter, each time they rang me I refused to talk and said I wanted all in writing for my records

Took me up to 8 months before starting the payments

Not sure about the law but think as long as you are offering payment there is nothing they can do
if I sell my telly to my mom and dad but they lend it to me, then th bailiffs can't take it can they? since I don't own it..?

You do not allow them in to see your telly!:eek:

Negotiate with Barclaycard an affordable amount if you do not want the CAB to help you.
I've tried that and every time I ring them they say that I havent got an agreement in place and say that I need to go through a debt management company to set one up.. but they don't want to know because I can't afford more than £20 a month at the moment and tell me to contact them when my situation improves..

there ought to be a form to fill in from the jobcenter that makes the credit card companies freeze your accounts while you are on jobseekers and trying to get yourself out of trouble..
if I sell my telly to my mom and dad but they lend it to me, then th bailiffs can't take it can they? since I don't own it..?

They can take it yes, but it is then up to you to prove afterwards who the real owner is.

They cannot take anything that you may need for your employment, unless they are acting on behalf of the magistrate's court
I seem to recall reading somewhere that a bailif cannot remove anything that is fixed to the structure of the house so screwing your telly to the floor means that it can't be removed.It didn't say anything to this effect in jonnys link but I'm sure I've read or heard it somewhere.
change your new car registered owner, the renault you told us a close family member if poss....that way they cant sieze that.

no bailiff can come round or gain entry as said before... without a court order....that takes a few weeks....before they gain entry there will be soft little debt collector.....after a few weeks the toughies.

or if you dont mind. have no house in your name or mortgage..declare yourself you will have erased all debtors by showing them this letter....and could wipe out your debts....I think

no own experience just talking through observations and being a rent debt collector myself
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