Double Socket Overload?

30 Sep 2008
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United Kingdom

I have a double socket.

In one plug of it,

There is a 3 Way Adapter Thing,
I have A Tv, Dvd Player and A Cable Box, Plugged in there,

In the other plug,
I have an extension lead in there.
The exstention lead has 2 sockets on it..
On that i have a Sky box and the telephone plugged in.

Recently I had changed the plug socket,
But its been fine for about a month atleast since changed.

Now thers usually a bang, As if something has blown,

And the power to all the mains plugs shuts off.

Whats the problem there?
Is it an overload?

Thanks for the replys!
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Usually a bang??
Overloads wouldn't normally go with a bang. A bang would be the product of a high current fault, either a short circuit or earth fault.
Which Means?

Sorry Lol, New to this and dont really understand it well.

Its just like a bang sort off,

Its like something has blown and goes "bang" then power cuts off.

Faulty Plug? Overload?

Started happening alot. It happens atleast once a day.
When this bang occurs does the fuse in the extension lead blow, the fuse in the 3 way adaptor blow (if applicable) or the fuse/mcb in your consumer unit blow? What's the type and rating of the fuse/mcb in your consumer unit?

Have you tried a different adaptor or extension lead?
Maybe you have a piece of equipment that's faulty. It's hard to say from here and the information you've provided.
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When the socket was replaced, have you nicked one of the cables with the fixing screws for the socket? Or pushed the cables back on to the screws holding the back box to the wall?
One of our sockets did this when it got very damp. From what you have plugged in there is no way it is overloaded I have far more stuff plugged into a 13 amp socket and it is still no where near consuming 13 amps.
When the socket was replaced, have you nicked one of the cables with the fixing screws for the socket? Or pushed the cables back on to the screws holding the back box to the wall?

Sorry, Dont understand what your saying there,

Could sort rephrase, Sorry.
I think he is saying when you screwed the socket back into the wall you there could have been a wire in the way and screwing it back would have damaged it causing a short circuit. I am not a spark but that is the most plain I can explain it :(.
Thats right, uve got only around 400-500 watts there maximum, so no overload even if each appliance has (and each should have) a 3amp plug fuse. You could even fit a 3amp fuse in the 3 way adapter and extension lead
What and where goes bang?

There may be an electrical (slight fish like) burning smell
to identify the location.

Do the appliances separately work ok afterwards.
Hi, Thanks for your replies, Amazing!

1. Yes I Replaced it My Self,

2. I had a quick look at the fuses, There are some 3 amps and some 5 amps. From what ive been told above, Its definatly not an overload.

3. Theres just a bang behind the television, Around the plug sockets.
I havent actualy been near enough to see/smell it so i cant say.

4. All the appliances are fused and work, Hence it cant be a fuse problem right? The telphone plug is a big plug and has to fuse thing on it, But is still working,.

Forgot to mention.
About a week back, All the plug sockets in the house stopped working.
Eventually they started working, No idea what the problem was.

Now this plug socket is making a bang, BUT, Further down the wall,
Same wall just other side of room.
The plug socket there hasnt been working since.
All other plug sockets work.

Seems like this isnt a problem with fused then.

anybody any idea what the problem?
Please take my advice and call a local competent electrician and ask them to take a look for you.
Circuits shouldn't stop working then suddenly start again unless there's a serious problem which could turn into a fire risk.
This isn't something that can be accurately and safely diagnosed over a forum.
Its linked to something, a fault of some sort but probably not an overload.

Its possible that this little fella may have chewed the cable and be cuasing the problem:

Per the above, you really need a competent person on site to sort it for you..

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