Downrating cable?

Well, to avoid such hassles I picked up the 4mm and 30A JB today. I had considered fusing the cable down to 13A for a 2.5mm run, but I thought that wouldn't provide any benefit other than to let me move it a few days earlier.

Won't get to do it till Wednesday though, I am fixing my friend's bathroom tomorrow. I prefer electrics to plumbing, any smells you get are more 'interesting' than rancid ;)
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I am unfortunate enough to have an inspection manhole in my garage, and I frequently get wind of what next door have had to eat, if you get my drift..... :(
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Yet not as much info as Simon gets...

Don't let them know, if you fall out they might start eating rotten eggs and drinking cabbage water just to spite you.
Adam mate, our bedroom is over the garage. Tell me, does Rockwool stop pongs as well as noise??

Ps Is there an emoticon for throwing up?
Perhaps if you put bags of charcoal between the joists: charcoal absorbs odours and I doubt it would be much of a fire risk. :idea:

I know people who can't get charcoal to burn deliberately in a barbecue, so in a house it is no doubt safe. Failing that, why not just pour a load of concrete down the hatch? :evil:
AdamW said:
I know people who can't get charcoal to burn deliberately in a barbecue,
And I've heard of people who can.



For those of you who've not seen this before, the full story, with videos, is here:

And a (naturally) very funny article about it by Dave Barry here

He may know damn well what he's doing, but accidents happen - where's the safety kit?
Safety kit? That would be the 4 feet distance between him and the barbecue :LOL:

Note that the building behind the barbecue is built of wood, and is full of wooden tables. :rolleyes:

I remember reading about a professor in america who did this (could be the same guy). Funny how academics have such eccentric ways: back in my school days I went to check out Bristol University, and the physics professor demonstrated how you can make 8 litres of ice cream in 2 minutes by using liquid nitrogen! Good ice cream too!
Yeah, our nutty chem teach at school showed us how to create a smoking fireball followed by a window-smashingly large explosion using a ping pong ball sized lump of sodium and a huge fish tank.... The only way I can describe him is to liken him to the Doc from Back To The Future.....

No, it definately was NOT responsible, with a class full of 15 yo's. Or any age, CTTOI.
Everyone seems to have had a cooler chemistry teacher than me. My big bro had told me all about the sodium/water reaction and how big the bang was. Then my teacher went and cut off the tiniest bit you can imagine... I reckon we would have got more of a fiz if a flatulent goldfish had been in the tank instead.

He did redeem himself by his party piece mind: large balloon, inflated with 2/3 hydrogen and 1/3 oxygen. Tie a knot in it, float it to the top of the classroom then hold a lit taper up to it (with a very long pole, mind!).

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