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Drafty New House and Insulating

Discussion in 'Building' started by Jbugman, 12 Dec 2012.

  1. Jbugman


    12 Dec 2012
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    United Kingdom

    I have a "new" house, it's 8yrs old to be precise and it seems to be drafty, enough that in the evenings I can tell which way the wind is blowing because that side of the house will be cooler then the other side

    The drafts that exist, exist between the inner wall and the plasterboard and there is a notable draft in the cavity.

    Eg there is a small gap at the bottom of nearly all the walls before the plaster starts and you can always feel a draft if I pull the carpet up and put my hand there. Also around where CH pipes come out the walls etc

    The cavity draft only exist because I knocked a hole through the wall for a vent and was surprised on the draft before I knocked through the outside wall

    However, i am more concerned with the draft on the interal walls. What's causing this draft and how to stop it?

    Also as I have "some" cavity wall insulation (it's like 1cm thick wrapped in black polythene attached to the wall) I am not eligible for a cavity insulation as no one wants to put in more insualtion due to possible reactions (guessing they mean water)

    So how can I insulate my house more and make it warmer?


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  3. noseall


    2 Feb 2006
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    United Kingdom
    You have a typical new build that was dot n dabbed by piecework bods trying to earn a buck.
    Problem is they don't dab robustly enough.

    We always apply a solid perimeter to the board then two vertical strips as well as solid fill around all back boxes. This means no air can move behind the plasterboard unlike yours.

    The best you can do is try and seal all gaps in skirting boards, window boards and anything else that could cause a draft.
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