Drayton Wiser 1 kit replacing battery digistat and LP10RF Clip in

3 Feb 2023
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United Kingdom
Hi all

Looking for some advice.

I recently purchased a Drayton Wiser kit 1 and I'm currently planning to have it fitted to our Worcester Greenstar 29CDi Classic Combi Boiler (manufactured Feb 2014)

The heating system is single zone.

I believe I'm confident with the wiring:
Ls & Ns taken from ST10 on boiler to pins L & N on the faceplate.
Link/Bridge Pins L(Live) & 1(Common) on the faceplate.
Wire Pin 3 (CH Demand) to LR (Switched Live) on ST10

However what I'm completely in the dark with is the following:

I have a LP10RF single channer clip-in hot water timer/control that also has an RF connection to the existing wireless Digistat. What do I do with the LP10RF to boiler wiring (or setup) to correctly disable the RF module whilst leaving the hot water control intact?

Addtional but probably non essential - are there any EMS to Opentherm adapters that could be used to 2 way tranlsate the different protocols to allow full opentherm integration with the Drayton Wiser or am I looking at a new boiiler for that level of functionality?

Many thanks in advance.
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I personally think you’d need to decommission the plug in programmer. Also be careful, removing the cover on that boiler is part of the combustion circuit and should be checked for safety afterwards
Thanks for the reply. Good advice regarding cover removal however, I don't live alone so I wont be removing the cover. I'll be running the wiring to where I'm mounitng the Wiser Hub faceplate and leave it coiled under the boiler for subsequent fitting by a qualified individual. The boiler is due for a service so I'll have it wired in then. The clip in only controls the hot water so if it requries disabling does that mean I require another clip in controller?


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It’s a Combi boiler, so I doubt the programmer controls the hot water, and I have no idea why they are fitted with these types.
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It’s a Combi boiler, so I doubt the programmer controls the hot water, and I have no idea why they are fitted with these types.

Ah... Penny drops... Yes I see what you mean; it's so obvious now that you mention it. :LOL:

disconnect the ribbon from the LP10RF to the PCB, no links required simply pull either end out

I'll see if I can pick up an inexpensive blanking plate and just have the LP10 removed. Thanks folks much appreciated.
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