Alpha evoke 33 + drayton wiser

10 Jan 2023
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United Kingdom
Hi All,
I'm trying to fit drayton wiser thermostat to connect to opentherm on alpha evoke 33. The existing boiler is fitted with the basic alpha wireless thermostat.
I wired the new thermostat to the opentherm to the 41 and 44 and switched the P7 to 1 as described in the documentation.
The problem I see right now that the drayton wiser thermostat is not able to call for heat on the boiler. It is switching between summer and winter boiler modes instead.

Can anyone help with that?
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Sounds like you've followed the service manual closely. As @stem mentions, make sure you've got the 1-2 link in place, too.
I suggest posting a photo of the boiler-side wiring and the Wiser hub backplate so we can have a look over your shoulder.

Can you also post a photo of the hub itself? Let's make sure you've got Kit 1, which AFAIK is the only one with official OT support.

When I set Wiser with Opentherm, the hub configured itself automatically. However there's been an app and firmware update since, so I recommend running the hub setup process from scratch and starting with Opentherm if you've not done that already.
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So here is my current wiring attached

1-2 linked.
3 and 4 - goes to the old alpha boiler rc
40 and 44 to wiser opentherm

I did some closer look on what is happening and at the moment I have an awkward configuration where wiser is switching the boiler setting from summer to winter instead of calling for heat.
And the old rc works as usual.
Also the boiler pcb noticed the wiser connection and now showing the sign about optional rc being connected.

There is one more thing worth mentioning regards p7 parameter. Documentation states that it may have only 0 and 1 values only, but I also have 2 as an option.
Maybe my pcb is some new revision? It did brake in December and was replaced to the new one by alpha warranty service.


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Nothing jumping out at me there - but I have no experience with this boiler so I'm just checking your work against the same manual you've got.
Can you show the hub backplate wiring and the hub itself as well, for completeness?

In your position, I would:
1. Run through the Wiser setup from scratch again
2. Raise a support ticket with Drayton by form/email (not phone - apparently email gets better results), in case they know of an incomptability
The two red wires going into the Alpha reciever need removed and joined together

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