Dried out grout from the tiles

24 Sep 2016
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United Kingdom
Hi folks,

Made a school boy error and left the grout on too long before sponging it (yes I'm cursing myself too).. what is the easiest way to clean the grout from the tiles? I have used wet scouring pads and it's pure taking ages..

I don't want to use any chemicals which would result in the grout lines weekend..

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

These are matt 600x300 porcelain tiles.
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Have you tried a decent grout haze removal pad. Tile shop sell large ones.

Then white spirit on a cloth so haze completely goes
It's not the haze actually, it's a thin layer of grout around the lines.. just wondering if an orbital sander with a scouring pad will speed things up?
I bought a large haze removal pad from local tile shop. It's like a 20mm thick scourer that removes grout.
If you actually have lumps of grout then a glass scraper but the steel can leave gray marks which you will need a china eraser (rubber) to remove.
Tile shop sells grout removing solution that also may help. Go look
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Thanks.. I will check.. I'm reluctant to use any chemicals as I don't want the grout to be weakened.. unless I'm being paranoid and someone tells me otherwise
I'm wondering whether this will help remove the grout from the tiles..

Screenshot_20220423-112805_Amazon Shopping.jpg

Has anyone used this on porcelain tiles? It says it doesn't scratch the surface

As the grout dried quickly I couldn't wipe it with the sponge and I now have around 0.5mm streaks of grout along the lines.. (haze is when you have wiped it with the sponge)
Dont use white spirit or any other flammable chemical - flammable fumes can quickly fill a large space and any kind of ignition can cause a flash flame.
As recom above, Tile shop grout removing solutions are safe.

If I were you OP I'd stick with your original slow and steady - no danger, no expense.
Thanks for input folks.. I have used the poly disc on the angle grinder to remove the grout off the tiles.. 20 mins and 19m2 tiles are now clean.. thank the lord !!

Got myself some grout remover solution and scouring pads to smooth out the grout lines now.. panic over !!!

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