Driveway Gate Post

This possible what would the construction of the bean need to be? Could we literally dig it out drop in some rebar and a load of concrete?
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Could we literally dig it out drop in some rebar and a load of concrete?

Yes that will do the job, On the sketch the red is a metal socket to allow the post to be removed if necessary. Probably not necessary but I would make it possible to get the post out of the concrete. A bit of bad driving could damage the post enough to have to replace it.

If you are digging then maybe also consider the beam for when the gate is open.
how long would you make the concrete and rebar under the fence? i was thinking of taking it over to the first fence post which is 6 ft away?
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2ft deep is a bit cheap, 3ft depth isn't much more work, and adds a hell of a lot more strength to a post

Also no concrete needed, rammed earth is better. If the soil is bad (soft) add a few stones, or if it's really bad, use crushed stone from a quarry (scalpings)
When we see the photos, we may know if the post can be braced, perhaps with a diagonal, perhaps against another post or wall, or into the fence.

With a narrow gate such as a garden gate, the hinge post can often be prevented from leaning by casting a sill, in one piece with the concrete round each post.

Sometimes you can cast the post concrete so it is monolithic with the path or drive.
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The hinge post is next to a fence. So it could have a diagonal brace to the bottom of the next fence post along.

I'd also put a wheel under the latch end of the gate.

If you like Bernard's beam you could extend it under the sill of bricks.

You say the post is moving so it will have to be dug out and re-footed anyway, so that's a good time. I'd leave the concrete for at least a week to cure, damp, before hanging the gate, by then it will have reached about 50% ultimate strength.

If the gate is added before the concrete has cured it will crack and give way, and it will always be loose. How long did they originally give it?
Gate that size and weight neds 3 feet into the ground to make it stable and I'd have used a 9x9 oak post
Ok a little update decided to dig it out myself and what I found was shocking, as you guys like photo please see attached there was a good 1-2cm gap at the fence side of the post of which the post was filling the void once the gate was closed, also there was a size able void on the garden side under the concrete he had put in. The only thing he didn’t bull crap about was the depth of the post at 2 feet however there wasn’t any concrete lover that 20cm. This post has now been reset with 40kg of ballast concrete mix let’s see if it moves again!!


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Shocking!! Surely it would have been easier for them to dig a bigger hole and fill with concrete in the first place.

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