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10 Jun 2019
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United Kingdom
Last year we had our driveway done and also had a new fence in replace a privet hedge. the fence has been solid however the gate post that our gate is hung from keeps moving and tilting causing the gate to catch on the latching post. we have had the installers out 4 times to get this sorted (the last time it lasted 4 days!)
The installer states that the post which is a 6x6 3 foot height is 2 feet in the ground
Am I missing something, how difficult is it to set a post? what is the installer doing wrong? is there any fixes I could attempt?
I am feeling a tad Pee'd off about it and just want it sorting.
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he says he has mixed a bag? looking at where the concrete can be seen at the surface, on the site furthest away from the drive there doesn't seem to be much
I wonder how big and heavy the gate is, and how firm the ground.

There are a few good ways to prevent gateposts leaning, because it has always been a problem, since the load is one-sided.

What is next to this post? A fence? Wall? Open ground?

Were the builders skilled in this kind of work?

Some photos would help.
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the Gate post is next to a fence, the gate is a farm style gate , a full drive way at around 8 feet, the neighbours had a gate installed at the same time by the same company which hasn't moved the installing company build and install gates as a trade so would assume they where skilled? photos to follow
is the fence at right-angles to the gate, or in a straight line?

is the drive concrete, gravel or what? Presumably it comes right up to the post on at least one side?
the Fence is inline with the closed gate the drive way is resin aggregate over original concrete, the fence side was originally a privet hedge to the front of it is council pathway
If the gate is a 5 bar style, 8' wide, and hinged on a 6" x 6" post sunk 2' into the ground it should be quite secure enough. I have a similar arrangement for a 12' gate and my post is 2'-6" into the ground. However, around the support post s a 4" collar of concrete which also extends down the full 2'-6" of the post.
If your concrete doesn't extend the full depth of the post then it is not doing it's job as an anchor point. You need to get them out to reset the post correctly, (without the gate attached), and then let the concrete set for at least 2-3 days before hanging the gate on it.
My experience of postcrete is not a very good one so if I do any post fixing I always use concrete that I mix up myself.
This is the thing the concrete at the opening is almost 2 bricks in size as they took out some edging bricks but the fence side there is a couple of inches!
My faith in him sorting it is dwindling after 4 attempts already
Prob not enough concrete in hole and maybe soil around hole not firm enough, esp as its been disturbed quite a bit.

I think belt n braces, longer post bigger dia hole and let post set for a few days without gate.
What about adding a wheel to the gate, if you don’t want to dig up the resin
maybe soil around hole not firm enough, esp as its been disturbed quite a bit.

In which case getting a simple post to remain vertical for more than a few weeks may be impossible.

Driving a deep pile without digging could be the best option. Then remove the earth from inside the pile and replace with concrete and the gate post.

If the drive way had not already been laid then a horizontal beam extended under the drive would reduce the tendancy of the post to topple under the weight of the gate.


The problems of installing heavy gates in soft soil were discussed in this thread HERE

Remember there are two directions of topple, one when the gates are closed and the other at 90 degrees when the gates are open.

The beam across the driveway will oppose the toppling forces created when the gates are closed but may just roll when the gates are open. Extensions to prevent roll may be necessary

The problem here is the drive is down! There is a clear movement of the post in the concrete on the side I have marked also the hedge was just off this area (approx where the line is)and wasn’t up to where the post is!
There is only movement to the right, no forward or back or to the left ( the post will re center)


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Could you extend a beam out under ( or parallel ) to the fence ?

It would need to be heavy as this beam would be trying to go upwards when the gate was closed.


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