14 Oct 2007
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United Kingdom
Hi all,

I have just purchased a cheap property with the intention of renovating and letting out.

When the carpets were lifted the floorboards in the front room are very wet with white dry rot spores.

The house is a very small two up two down terraced house.

To remove the floor boards, treat the soil underneath, replace with new joists and floorboards which have been treated to prevent further dry rot, replace skirting boards, I have been quoted £850.

I live in the northwest so prices are likely to be different to perhaps other .areas of uk.

Is this a reasonable price?

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I've no idea if that price is a good one or not (it certainly seems cheap enough) but what precautions are being taken to prevent the rot from returning - i.e ventilation to the under floor?
John :)
If you have dry rot in the floorboards and skirting have any steps been taken to check for and eradicate dry rot in the plasterwork. My experience of older terrace houses is that dryrot can travel considerable distances through lime plaster and/or lime mortar. Also, have you looked into the source of thi dampness? Is it caused by rising damp through there being no DPC? Ingress of water because one or more downpipes is dameged or missing? A broken drain or pipe beneath the floor? Or as burnerman suggests lack of underfloor ventilation? I think you need to cure the problem as well as eradicate the fungus

As to the original quote it is difficult to say without seeing the job first hand, but I'd have to assume that there is 3 to 5 man days work in the job in which case £850 wouldn't seem unreasonable.
if its dry rot then the industry used to state 1m in all directions.
ive seen it jump,just when you think youve got to the end you find a load more.
as already said are the walls being treated with any chemicals?
pics would be good.
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It sounds like the rot is in a pretty advanced state the other guy's are right you need to know exactly what you are dealing with so you can plan the project ,any pic's you can't beat a good fruiting body for drama.
any pic's you can't beat a good fruiting body for drama.

when we got some really good 1s we used to phone up a pharmaceutical company from crawley and a guy used to come down and give us a good drinky for them.

Thanks for all the good advice. I am also getting a damp proof course done as well as dry rot treatment. They have ripped off a good two to three feet of plaster from the walls. But the £850 is simply for the dry rot treatment. The size of the room is approximately 3meters by 3meters.

I have attached an image of the floor boards. This was taken in the dark so sorry if it isn't the best picture!

Let me know your thoughts :)



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