Duel fuel towel rail trips circuit

22 Aug 2019
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United Kingdom
Hi all

Ive got a duel fuel towel rail that was installed 3 years ago. Hardly used.

Its just started tripping the upstairs circuit when I turn it on using the switch which is outside the bathroom. (I have a similar duel fuel towel rail in the ensuite - and thats fine.)

What could be causing it to trip? I assume the element?

IMG_0157.jpg IMG_0158.jpg IMG_0159.jpg

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Sitting in water for a year or three can kill them.

I’ve had to replace one twice at home until I learned not to buy cheap ones.
Do I need to drain the towel rail before removing the element? I presumed the element wasnt sat in the actual water.
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Yes, you will need to drain it. Are there isolators on the pipes?

If the radiator is not high enough to remove the element in situ., you will need to remove the radiator first.

Yes, the element is in the water.
Yes, you will need to drain it. Are there isolators on the pipes?

There is only the lockshields either side (as in the photo). I can remove the caps and turn them off. is that what you mean by isolators?
Yes, that is what I meant.

Turn them both off, then open the bleed screw to relieve any pressure, then close the bleed screw.

If you don't have to remove the radiator from the wall, put a bowl under the element and be as quick as you can removing and replacing the element.
Given how close that radiator is to the floor, there is no way the element can be removed with the radiator in place.
Removing the radiator from the wall is required.
Thanks guys. This is obviously going beyond my comfort zone. Ill get a plumber in. Is this a minor 2 hour job would you say, or much more? (ie: will they then have to balance the system etc)
I thought Id just ask a corollary question:

The towel rail is only heating the bottom half of the radiator. I tried turning one of the valves (using pliers, carefully) anticlockwise a full turn, but that doesnt seem to have done anything. Should I continue turning it - another 2 turns or so until it does start heating the whole rail; or shall I try turning the other valve?

Hmm. Is that easy to do? (for a DIY dullard). How did the air get in there? It was only installed 3 years ago.

Undo screw until water squirts out. Hold a cloth near the hole.
Then you might have to increase the pressure in the system by opening the filling loop near the boiler.
Similar to this.


Open one end, then the other end until pressure on boiler gauge reaches 1.5.
Close both ends.

How did the air get in there? It was only installed 3 years ago.
It just does.
Thanks, I shall investigate this further. Perhaps Ill add it to the plumber's list. Ill watch over his shoulder so I can learn how to do it. Id hate to make an arse of it and have to rebalance the system.

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