Dyson am07 fan dead....

15 Apr 2018
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United Kingdom
Hi guys got one of the dyson am07 fans the other day it just died...

Just stopped working and now there is no sign of life at all i have check the power supply and the fuse and there both ok

I have the fan in all bits and i cant see any burnt or melted parts what can be causing the fan to show no sign of life

Many thanks
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I have contacted them via email however all they have said is that my product was not regestered at purchase and going by the serial number they are suspecting it would now be out of warranty and i need proof of purchase which i dont have...
got one of the dyson am07 fans the other day
All new and in the box?
I have the fan in all bits
There goes any chance of a guarantee!
they are suspecting it would now be out of warranty
Oh, so maybe not a new one then? I think you have missed out a bit of the story....
Normally: you buy something, if it stops working you send it back. Why didn't you do that? Please tell us more....
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Yeah sorry guys i ment i picked it up second hand so its probley a few year old

I have took it all to bits just to see what has made it go dead there is no error codes or flashing lights just nothing at all
Lol thats the problem these days every one wants to just throw away....

This must be able to be fixed something is making it not even turn on and it cant be that big of a fix
I don't know what's in one of them things, but do you have a multimeter? i would think that's your starting point - rule out the easy stuff first (eg supply in/out, fan windings resistance, etc).
This is what they have inside normally on a motor there is not so.many wires out of it so im not sure were to start with a meter i have checked the lead is bringing power to.the board and that is ok


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If you don't know where to start with a multi meter how do you know there is live & neutral getting to the the board
No i know how to use a multi meter i mean i dont know were to start on the dyson as there is so many wires out of the motor to a harness were normally there is only 2 or 3
That's the problem with buying shyte like this. Just buy a normal fan with an AC induction motor and it'll run until the bearings give up.
A marvel (perhaps) of complex electronics but utilising the ubiquitous synchro motor to provide the oscillating function
It's a standard BLDC driver, but the PCB has been coated, so very little chance of a decent board level repair.

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