Earth cable IN FRANCE

10 Jul 2016
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United Kingdom
Hi everyone . I know thereis various info on this but i need specific info please help.

I need to move an earth rod that is in the mud floor of my basement.
I have read various info on cable size 16mm 25mm etc.
The local shop sells these bare with no inslulation.
So. I have1 phase 500ma coming to the house.outside.
Inside i have consumer unit 30ma.
From this a inslulated 8mm cable goes to earth bloc and 8mm continues to rod.
Is this ok. Right size cable. I just need to move it outside to concrete basement.
Please help
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You should post in Electrics outside the UK", you might have a better chance of someone knowing French wiring practices.
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6mm² conductor can carry 32 A, So it would seem a 8mm² is more than sufficient. However distance might be a problem, although I'm probably thinking of more than 20 metres, rather than in the extra metre or two.

You will need to to install a breakable link 'barrette de coupe' (1) in the circuit , close to the earth rod, for testing of the earth rod.
You could mount the link in a box on the adjacent wall, inside or outside. (2)
The earth rod could also be enclosed in a floor mounted box, like a "Regard" an inspection chamber, fitted with a lid. You'll need to drill a hole in the bottom for the earth rod.
Don't forget to enclose the cables in a "gaine" (3)




Som'at like this:
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