earth question?? am i safe?

11 Jan 2008
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United Kingdom
ok so heres my we had some plumbers in to install a new central heating system. they ripped out the old gas fireplaces (one of which was the back boiler) and the tanks in the airing cupboard. they installed in the cellar a combi boiler. i noticed now they seem to have removed the earth bond on the water mains into the house? i had concerns previous to this as there was no earth bond to the electric mains into the house only bonding on the gas pipe (after the gas meter) and the water mains (next to the stopcock)

the question is am i earthed/safe now i am only earthed to the gas?
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are you saying you have no earth to the metal water main and no main earth from the incomer to the board?

if so this is very unsafe
thats correct, now i have had a sparky and a guy from DNO who both seemed to dismiss my concerns on the lack of earthing to the incoming mains electric supply as i have earth bonding on the water mains? but yes the plumbers have disconnected my earth bonding to the water mains leavng the gas bonding only i will post a pick of my current setup
do those two people a favour mate.shoot them.
you cannot rely on the earth from the water main its against need the main earth installing from the incomer to the board and the water main reinstating.

it has to be said ,it sounds like they are blagging you off to me
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No electrician should have ever energized that system. There are a few defects are immediately dangerous and need sorting by a competent electrician. I'm wanting to say that if you turn the main switch off you can re-attach the "Main equipotential bond" to the water but it would not be a good idea to switch it back on given the other main earthing problems.
What part of Leeds are you in?
sorry, i am in beeston on dewsbury road. i have a sparky coming out hopefully monday to permanantly wire the boiler to the mains so might point it all out to him but i reckon he'll dismiss it too. (except the the water mains earth as that should be part of his boiler electric commision shouldnt it?
No electrician should dismiss an earthing problem with the earthing conductor.
i dont think he would work on any of it given your earthing problems.i wouldnt
No electrician should dismiss an earthing problem with the earthing conductor.

we had some leaking issues into the consumer unit a while ago and the housing assoc sent a sparky out who didnt seem to care about the earth as its down to the electric supplier. and when we had them out to change the electric meter he said that its not mandatory and so didnt want to touch it and just changed the meter (and removed the old style ones)

actually we also had the main incoming fuse board changed and the tails to the building next door and they still left the main earth unbonded
do you mean the comsumer unit changed and the tails up graded?

sounds like the sparky who did that could be chucked into the biggest pile of poo ever by you for that.what did he put in the box for earth size on the cert!

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