Earthing Rod for temporary Earth

18 Jan 2007
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United Kingdom
I haven't yet tested for external Impedance, but due to the lack of (about 2mm earth which I cannot be sure is connected) I am not expecting to get a satisfactory reading.

This will mean installing a temporary earthing rod until YEDL come to upgrade their side (6 - 12 weeks)

However, when I have installed this rod I will need to measure its impedance, I don't have an earth electrode tester, is there another way I could do this test using my MEGGER1502!!!
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Yes, just do it as you would a normal Ze test but with the green probe connected to the electrode in isolation.
This method is acceptable providing all circuits in the installation are RCD protected.
The reading from your rod should be less than 200 ohms, although less than 100 ohms is the recommended value to ensure stability of the earth connection
Cheers Spark 123, the only thing is the whole installation is not RCD protected, only some of the circuits are.

Situation is; new split load cu, house re-wired, but TN-S sytem lacks earth of any quality. if at all

Do not want to rely on Eq. Bonding thou this has been suggested to me by 2 sparks.

Any further suggestions / advice VERY welcome :)
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Whack in the rod and test it to an acceptable value.

Swap the position of the RCD and main switch.

When YEDL turn up and repair their earth, connect to that, remove rod and swap RCD and main switch back to their original positions.

Not a fully compliant way of doing things, but atleast it keeps the installation safe, and doesn't require you to buy loads of parts.
Cheers RF, knew about the readings bit, never thought about swapping the RCD, thanks for that, its that old 'can I sleep at night' thing.

Will be bottling urine this week ;) ;) ;)
Will be bottling urine this week ;) ;) ;)

Strange hobby, but not my place to judge. ;)

I hope you are joking though.

What happens when the ground dries out, the EFLI rises, and the householder gets electrocuted? The 'minerals' it leaves behind is nonsense. If it were true why can you not but a more suitable earth rod reading reduction liquid?

S'pose horlicks might help you sleep at night....
Carr Manor School is round the corner, i'm sure their delinquency group could provide suitable levels of saturation for the next few months ;)

A case of Stella RF, christ i'll be fighting myself after that much, no will have to camp out with a good old barrel of Black Sheep and Pork Scratchings :D

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