Eggshell vs Satinwood - Skirting boards

3 Sep 2015
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United Kingdom
Hey everyone,

We have a old skirting boards which were covered in gloss, not very well. We've sanded these down to key the gloss and get rid of any runs, I'm wondering if we're best to paint with:

* Water based satinwood
* Water based eggshell

In general I do like a really matt and flat finish, so that would suggest eggshell however, will this work out well over skirting boards which aren't in the best condition, and is it a pain to use compared to the satinwood?

I'm wanting to use something all in one - I know water based satinwood doesn't need a primer when going over keyed gloss, can the same be said for eggshell, I assume so? Oh and most of the boards are 'traditional wood' as I'd put it but some (in the bay) are MDF skirtings, which were glossed but again I have keyed.

Any tips/suggestions most appreciated. The walls above the skirting have lining paper on atm but will be painted with trade matt.

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My house has old (105yr old) skirting and architrave, and IMO the nly way to make them look good is to replace them. I'd say if you're going to be in the house a good few years bite the bullet and have them replaced. Mine are full of dints, chips, and of course 105yrs of paint! But I'm moving out soon so I'm not bothered!
We've sort of opted for that. One, particularly bad section is going to be replaced. The mag ones aren't too tatty. I guess the same question still applies though, satin vs eggshell.
I find Eggshell holds the dirt. It looks grubby and will not come clean.
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Interesting, so probably a bad choice for a skirting board which could get scuffed. Hmm. Cheers
Dulux trade satinwood or similar I have found the best in the past. It has a slight sheen which helps smooth out some of the dents! Also because it is oil based the finish is much better. Everytime I have used a water based Satinwood or eggshell I have been disapointed with the finish of it.
Hmm, I was going specifically for the water based to avoid the yellowing which oil based paint would give after a short time...
Satinwood rather than eggshell on skirtings for me, and oil-based is much harder wearing than water-based. Of course, you have to weigh up the pros and cons of durability and yellowing, but the oil-based Dulux Trade Satinwood is, allegedly, much better than it was directly after the 2010 VOC changes.
Water-based is the future but, as we live in the present, we have to take our chances on which is best in the here and now! :cautious:
I find that Johnstone aqua satin works pretty well. You have to use their aqua undercoat though to get the best results.
We have done this on many jobs when decorating in London.
In a slight twist to the original post I now have some new boards too - MDF white satin finish ready for painting. So, that decides my satin finish pretty much.
I'd not seen the above response before buying last week, I've opted for crown satinwood, which is water based. Whether this proves to be a mistake or not I guess I'll find out! The yellowing just didn't appeal to me. And if we had to sand in 6 months and paint again I think this would go down very badly with others ;)!

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