Electric car trip hazard who is responsible?

No permitted on the road today as no brake on the front wheel, however the whole aim should be to remove large wagons from our roads, there is little need for them.

Little need for the really long distance road haulage, of course except for time critical items. The problem with that, is that rail simply doesn't have the spare capacity needed, for a large scale return to rail - they are struggling to cope with what traffic they have.
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I will agree changes over the years has left gaps in the rail infrastructure. The local railway years ago went through the town of Welshpool actually on the streets, and to transfer pens which still exist with duel gauge so animals could be transferred from the 2'6" gauge to standard gauge. The railway now stops other side of Welshpool to main line, and there is a bus service between the two stations, which is clearly not much good for fright, and to be frank to transship for an 8 mile run would be silly.

However I did live in North Wales near to the A55 (E22) trunk road, and one could see the traffic build up and drop down again as the boats into Holyhead discharged. It was considered as longest road in the World at one time, Euroroute E22 (HolyheadLeedsAmsterdamHamburgMalmöRigaMoscowPermEkaterinburgIshim). However the ferry Leeds to Amsterdam stopped running, why not built to motorway standard I don't know, too far from London likely.

However even uses same bridges as rail, (Britannia Bridge) but likely slower, trains tend to zip along at 90 MPH. Remember the advert it's quicker by train. But most the traffic is containers, so using rail or road would not matter.

But it is a case of first things first, before worrying about electric wagons or cars, we should have electric trains, the whole route Holyhead to Chester is diesel hauled, OK there is the odd steam special, but when that busy line is made electric, then is the time to consider electric cars and wagons.

Clearly the government is not really interested in electric transport, or it would have electrified that line long ago, all it wants is to generate money spent by marketing electric cars which don't last as long as petrol and diesel so will force us to spend money, it has nothing to do with globule warming or the trains would now all be electric.
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