Electric plug sockets have stopped working

What's an MCB ?

MCB is the magnetic overload circuit breaker in the consumer unit which is the modern equivalent of a fuse.

You mention red to red and black to black. How were these connections made behind the blank plates ? And was the earth wire also connected and checked for continuity ? The earth wire is the most important wire for safe operation of equipment.
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Whereabouts are you? because I bet there'll be someone on this site within your area who could safely sort your problem
I couldn't get online for a while to check further responses, so I followed my instincts.

I put all the plug sockets back to as they were.

All the electricity supply returned !!!

Fortunately, it had not left any additional problem to be dealt with.

It seems that the solution was far easier than you all assumed.
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It seems that the solution was far easier than you all assumed.


It is a very simple task to get 230 volts from the consumer unit to any point in the house. It isn't quite so simple to do it in a way that is safe and also ensures as far as is possible to ensure that there will be no un-acceptable hazards from the use of the electricity so provided.
But you HAVE stopped posting in bold, just as I asked.

If it's such a good rule, why doesn't it apply to everyone ?
Related to the Robert Johnson who made a deal with the Devil at the Crossroads?
No - Robert Johnson isn't my real name.

My real name is Tarquin Fin-tim-lin-bin-whin-bim-lim-bus-stop-F'tang-F'tang-Olé-Biscuitbarrel

A bit difficult to remember, so I have to use something shorter !
Well, even if you have a long name, and for my eyes are able to play with the forums a little, at least you say youhave it all working...

If, as you say, you re-fitted all as was prior to your fiddling about then im pretty sure you did not join everything up correctly when you tried to join the cable together?

Just out of interest, How did you join them together? Twist and tape by any chance?

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