Electric shower switch tripped

20 Jun 2006
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United Kingdom
My shower has suddenly stopped. When i pull the cord, there is no red light on the ceiling box. As such, there is no red light on the shower unit too.

I checked the main consumer unit, and found that the shower switch has tripped. Only the shower switch, the rest e.g heater, cooker switch are ok. I tried to put the tripped shower switch back to 'On' but to no avail. It totally cannot be put to 'On' at all, it just kept jumping back to 'off'.

I am a lady and do not understand any electricial terms, but would like to find out what is the main problem for my shower. Is it a serious electrical fault? How bad is the situation?

Many thanks for any help.
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What is the switch, tell us what it says on it, It'll most likely be an MCB but may be an RCBO

If you switch the ceiling switch off, can you reset the 'switch' that trips out?

When it switches off, does it just click, or does it make a slight bang as well?
Hi Adam, thank you so much for your reply.

I hope i get this right. Here is what is on the tripped switch:
MCB - 132/2b
240/415V ~ BSEN60898

Yes i did try reseting the tripped switch when the pull cord is 'off'. But the tripped switch just jumped back.

The tripped switch did not stay 'on' at all. I simply can't put it to the 'on' position. Hence, there is no 'click' or slight bang at all.

Is the situation serious? [/img]
When you say you can't reset it at all, do you mean you just can't move the lever? or the lever moves but doesn't feel like its actually moving anything inside?

Normally when closing an MCB against a fault you'll get a loud pop/bang as it closes and it trips out (but the lever will stay up until you remove your finger*)

Anyway... sounds like the MCB has failed when it tried to clear a fault (most probably a failed element on the shower... they don't last for ever, it depends on the hardness of the water in your area), this can happen to MCBs sometimes

Chances are you'll need a new shower (or element for it if you can get them... depends on make), and a new MCB (luckily MCBs are cheap as chips),

and you'd probably be best getting a sparky to do this (because, no offense, it sounds like you won't really know what you would be doing, and thats not really a good situation with electricity)

*this is so you can't hold them in, or 'fix' them with sticky tape :LOL: ... also so if need be they can be locked on but still be able to trip (eg. for fire alarms in public buildings)
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Hi Adam, i could move the lever and as u have said it, it doesn't move anything inside. The lever does not stay. It move back to 'off' once i remove my finger. I guess only sticky tape can make it stay. ;P

Btw, when u say change the MCB, does it mean the entire box has to be changed? Or just changing the switch? I hope i did not ask a foolish question. ;p

The shower unit is Triton T80, is it easy to find the element for it? what is the chances that the entire shower unit has to be changed?

How long will a repair like this take?

Many thanks again!
if a suitable MCB can be found then it can just be replaced, however if its a discontinued line and the sparky can't find anywhere that stocks a suitable breaker the whole box may need to be replaced.

as for the shower it really depends, if parts are availible or a new shower with identical mountings then it should be a very quick job but if wires and pipes need to be moved to accomodate a new shower it could be a much bigger job.
As Plugwash says, just the MCB (the 'switch') providing one can be got hold of, is there a brand name on the CU or the MCB? (some makes change their design occasionally tho :( ) sometimes if you can't get the right make, another make will fit, its not really ideal, but as long it grips the bussbar properly and doesn't sit arkwardly, then it'll be ok (but obviously the correct make is preferred)

Tritton showers are fairly easy to get parts for AFAIK (google for 'triton shower spares'), but if you have it replaced, go for another triton, not only are they a fairly good design (*curses the gainsborough at home that was not nice to work with at all*) and fairly realiable, but the water and electricity positions are more likely to line up (as per plugwash's post), if you are happy with the flow rate, go for the same power rateing, it'll save messing around with the circuit (providing its adequate atm)

(Think the T80 range might actually still be available tbh)
Thanks for so much information. I had a better picture of what to expect and how i could talk to a sparky now!!!
And i guess there is nothing much i could do except to wait for a sparky to do the miracle for me.
Hi Adam, the MCB is PROTEK. Is it easily available?

Thanks for the info and advice on Tritton showers. ;)
menothou said:
Hi Adam, the MCB is PROTEK. Is it easily available?

Thanks for the info and advice on Tritton showers. ;)

In my experience, no but ring the mfr on: 01543 467 575.

They will tell you who sells their stuff. If you grovel prettily (no, not to me!!), they may even send you one FOC.

I had a customer with one just like that. It wasn't latching when you switched it on. Protek sent one out immediately.
Hi Securespark, thank you for the contact number.
I'll see what my contractor will advise tomorrow when he is here. I'll be back again tomorrow if i met any problems or need advice on any decision.
Many thanks to all! :)
Ahh - this post has restored my faith in humanity!

Good luck menothou - hope it get's sorted out OK

hi folks i have an electric bath and i am wondering how i should wire it up an what protection i should use,rddc or rdc and what cable? please help?
many thanks
RF Lighting said:
I'm sure my local CEF still stocks these.

Are you sure thats not Protus? one of CEF's brands you are thinking of?

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