Electric theft by EV owners causing charge points to be switched off. Again.

Like putting a box of strawberries outside your gate with an honesty box, a lot of people will take a punnet and leave cash. Some will take a punnet and not pay. A few will take all the strawberries and steal your box of money as well.

I bet there are not many people stealing electricity, and CCTV would identify them.

As NCR used to say, you can teach people to become thieves by making it easy to steal.
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Maybe but it is not their problem, they simply pass on a % of their take to railway, it costs them nothing if the take is below the cost of electric, in the summer when tourists are at railway swings and roundabouts it pays for its self, winter when railway not running, it looses money so is switched off.

I'm still struggling to understand how this is a problem? Lots of EV charging station providers "rent" space from retail outlets - so for example, Instavolt will pay the McDonald's branch some money each year, in return for being allowed to put charging stations up and take up a few parking spaces in their car park. Ionity might do the same with a branch of Costa Coffee. So yeah, PodPoint will most likely pay the station something by way of "rent".

But like all companies, they're there to make money, so it's not really a case of "it costs them nothing if the take is below the cost of the electric". They just won't think like that. Few (if any) large companies would sit there and say "well, so long as it's not losing me anything...". They'll have a profit margin that they'll want to maintain. I doubt the railway will charge them any less in winter.

So by switching the charger off, they make ZERO money (but presumably, still have to pay the station, unless as you say, it's a percentage of the take, in which case, switching the charger off, just means that PodPoint make zero money AND the railway makes zero money)! Yet they have some capital equipment tied up in the car park, taking up space and doing nothing. If that's how they run their business, they'll soon be bankrupt!

Alternatively, they could just set the tariff not to allow any period of free charging (like pretty much all the other PodPoint chargers I've seen) - job done!
There's so much money being made, they should have to employ attendants.

My mates dad was a petrol pump attendant, very likely the last one in the country (was a farming petrol outlet, so very rare station!) and I used to go there for the service. So civilised. "10 pounds please", and hand over a note. Simples.

The real problem here is the drive to automate jobs.

Except that in this case, they can remotely tap a few keys on a computer to prevent anyone taking any "strawberries" until they've paid for them!
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The power to supply the charger comes from the railway premises.

So is it the railway switching them off, or PodPoint?

Either way, I just can't understand how it's better for both parties to make zero money (and lose a couple of parking spaces) than it is to simply change the tariff to be like the majority of other PodPoint chargers up and down the country!
I've used PP chargers and I have had to register my bit of plastic before it starts pumping the juice...