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7 Dec 2007
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United Kingdom
Is there any way I can install a std 13a socket in my en-suite (for the missus to dry her hair) ? . Was thinking of isolating it with a double pole fused iluminated isolation swith - mounted OUTSIDE the bathroom (so it can be off when not needed , i.e 99% of the time) , and also placing an RCD in line again outside the bathroom. The socket will also be mounted at least 2m away from the (enclosed) shower, and high up (i.e. head hight).

Is this possible or is it a big no no ?
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If you wait till January, then you can ensure the socket outlet, plus every other circuit in the bathroom is RCD protected @ 30mA, plus the outlet is a minimum of 3m from the edge of the shower tray, then yes.

Otherwise, no.
Your wife's life is in danger if you follow this course of action.

My wife sits on the edge of the bed with her hair dryer, that doesn't seem to be a particular inconvenience relative to the increased safety.
This has confused me (does'nt take much) I thought 13 amp socket outlets in bathrooms was an absolute no no. I have been asked several times to install and refused. Will the new 17th edition allow this??? Isn't there a chance that someone will decide to take some other appliance in there (t.v. playstation, toaster, etc.). I understand that all bathroom circuits will have to be rcd protected under the 17th, but can't read anywhere about socket outlets being allowed.
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no sockets allowed in bathrooms..


regulation 602-08-02:
Where a shower cubicle is installed in a room other than a bathroom or shower room, outside zone 0, 1,2, or 3 a socket outlet, other than a SELV socket outlet or shaver supply unit, shall be protected by a residual current device with rated operating current not exceeding 30mA in accordance with regulation 412-06

so sockets are allowed in room with a shower that are not bathrooms or shower rooms.. so that's 3 meters away from the edge of the shower basin

havent read 17th yet and don't intend to until it comes into force..

saying "well it's going to be in the next edition" is no excuse for doing something that is currently against the regulations...
I agree with ColJack. The 17th isnt published yet although there are a number of courses and articles based on the draft version. I'm not installing anything to the new regs - in anycase, how could you sign the cert? It says that you have done the work to 16th edition regs.

If the 17th goes ahead as planned there are two major changes re bathroom electrics. Firstly all circuits in a bathroom must be RCD protected.
Secondly the draft 17th edition regs permit 230v socket outlets to be installed in a room containing a bath or shower providing they are installed 3 m horizontally from the boundary of zone 1.

All this really does is to resolve the ambiguity that existed between locations containing a bath or shower and a bedroom containing a shower.
You would need a pretty big bathroom to include a socket under the new regs.

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