15 Apr 2005
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United Kingdom
I'm thinking of installing a small en-suite consisting of a shower, toilet and basin, in the corner of a bedroom. The corner in question is approx. 9 metres from the soil stack (and all waste would have to be routed internally). Would all the appliances have to go through the saniflow, or just the toilet?

I'm wanting a "wetroom" kind of arrangement (due to space constraints), but with a visible shower tray, so that the tiled floor would have a slight slope into the tray (fillets of wood would provide the slope i need, and the step down to the tray, which would sit on the existing floor). I'm thinking of a floor hatch on the opposite side of the partition wall, with the shower waste against the wall.

BUT, with this arrangement, I couldn't use a saniflow since water cant travel uphill to it from the shower!

I could route a soil pipe (or a smaller shower drain pipe) down the wall of the reception room below bedroom 2, boxed in and insulated, but would rather not do this - where would the pipe go from there (there is a 3 foot void under the house), and it'd need venting. All the drainage from the house currently goes into the only soil stack.

And would this need notifying to building control? (I would feel confident doing most of the work myself, if not all, and My uncle is a plumber)

Attached is a plan of the proposed room. Would size be an issue? Would it be better to simply tank the room instead of the shower tray solution? There isn't space for a cubicle. (For size reference, a toilet and basin just fits against that back wall in the corner where I've drawn them)

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I want to! I currently cant afford it, but my parents are looking for ways to improve their house. So here I am. lol.

Would this add value to the house, or simply make bedroom 2 too small for a double (as well as being hard to plumb?)
My parents are looking for ways to improve their house.
So tell em to chuck you out - no more tantrums and more room on the drive. :p ;) More like they're fed up with you sh*tting up their bathroom. :LOL:
Seriously though, it's great if your "olds" are paying for it - I wish you luck. Keep a running thread going with updates.
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what are the dimensions of the room Steve>?
and the propsed shower room dimensions also?
if you do go with a wet room then go tilesafe & aquadec (need to make sure they do an aquadec to fit this space).

We did a wetroom with this - there is a good video on it here:

I chose to have a wet room in a new extension. Real pain getting the floor levels (concrete) correct to flow into drain.

Used Altro Marine non-slip flooring (£50 sq m fitted) lapped up wall about 150mm then tiles laid over to form tank. Need really good flooring company who know what they are doing - I was very lucky. All been very successful.

Used McAlpine Water Seal Shower Trap with cover plate for sheet flooring. McAlpine do a wonderful catalogue (plumbers merchant or www.mcalpineplumbing.com).

Far prefer traditional shower cubicle - much cosier. Wet room very chilly in winter despite big radiator going full blast.

Good luck with your project.
RIGHT! I have dimensions!!!

Would this work? The idea would be to use a shower curtain rather than a shower door, in order not to cramp it up too much - I realise its very small. Also, would it be better to swap the toilet and basin, given the left wall is slightly longer?

I'd rather do away with the shower tray altogether and use a system similar to ifatfirst's above, but I dont think this is possible with a saniflow?

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