End of Baxi/Remeha Avanta boilers - why?

Haven't you got a Remeha DH?
Yes. It's been in over three years. Serviced annually and never had anything go wrong or any sign of a problem.

I know of another one which has been in five years, also with no faults.

It does make me wonder if the faulty ones were due to poor installation.

As for the plastic front panel, what's wrong with that? It's only cosmetic.
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DH- you've the only working fault free avanta known to man.

Always smile on here that all the engineers that have the displeasure of service/repairing these piles of garbage all share the same opinion that they are crap.

The non industry/Google types think they are ace.
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Bernardgreen has another pile of crap that he researched apparently :LOL:. He still managed to get his facts totally wrong about its performance.

Johnson and Starley I believe it was. He probably thinks it is the bee's knees still. :LOL:
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Bernardgreen has another pile of crap that he researched apparently :LOL:. He still managed to get his facts totally wrong about its performance.
Johnson and Starley I believe it was. He probably thinks it is the bee's knees still. :LOL:

It works. it hasn't given any problems. Flue gases are barely warm when it is operating so common sense suggests it is very efficient in terms of very little heat wasted up the flue.

More importantly the GasSafe plumber who installed it and was at first critical of my choice now agrees that it is good quality product.

What facts did I get wrong ? I may not have quoted the actual figure from the manufacturer's data sheet, that was because I couldn't be bothered to go and fetch the datas sheet from the archive.

Yes I did "research" it. Not only did the specification fit my needs but I also discovered it had a good reputation for quality. Comparing its design and build with other boilers showed it to be designed to a quality and not to a price.

So don't knock it.
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I'm not saying they are 'ace', just that, so far, I have no reason to complain. It was chosen because it fitted into the cupboard which housed my Apollo Fanfare - I looked at many makes, including Atag, but all of them were too big for the space available.

As for being garbage, I fail to see why. They may be made from industry standard components, but why condemn them for that? Seems a bit snobbish to say that it's crap just because it has a Giannoni hex or a SIT PCB and not one which is custom designed and made.

I get the impression that there's a touch of an inverted "Which?" syndrome. The few people who complain make a louder noise than the many who have no reason to complain. I would really like to see Baxi/Remeha warranty data and how many parts have had to be replaced earlier than expected.


If anyone knows of a Baxi/Remeha iSense RF going really cheap (e.g. £50 or so), I would like to know.
Having worked over the years on a good hundred or so I'd hope I have seen the best and worst.
I'm yet to see one in situ that's older than 5years, by that time it's normally been ripped out and replaced.
Common sights are continual E4, E5 faults, dodgy rope seals, gaskets, probes, drifting gas valves, PCB boards that don't last a year.
Not seen a single one yet where the flex tube on the condense syphon hasn't gone brittle with big holes in due to its location and the fact that it's design means it touches one of the CH pipes.
Front covers all warp.
Bottom left of boiler always rots through from inside to out.
Passing divertor valves,leaking pumps and pressure gauges that don't read

They are absolute garbage, it used to be that you had to order parts by serial number of boiler, now one of the independents that pushed the avanta hard, carry all available spares and just dish them out when you ask without any serial numbers.
There isn't a day goes by where people
Aren't in there getting soared for dodgy avanta's.

I'll be ripping 2 out in a couple of weeks that remeha commissioned, will be 5 years old when they come out and remeha voided their own warrenty after 12months because of the amount of visits they were making.

Good luck with yours DH, you'll need it.
There you go.

And who is this chap praising J&S for good build quality? I find it amusing that non industry posters with a huge sample (of 1) can be so self assured when we see this stuff all day, every day. it's our job, and if it was yours you'd know that the Giannoni HEX has been known to blow burner seals, and a boiler with all plastic door doesn't give you much time to get out of the house before it burns down.
I refuse to work on these bags of shyte....fookin disaster of a boiler...buy cheap and suffer the consequences...lol.
Nice to see my limited experience has found the same results.

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