Erratically acting TV

15 Feb 2017
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United Kingdom
We watch the TV via Freeview Our old TV started acting erratically it would change channels by itself,and the volume would increase of its own accord, so we bought a new one, this constantly kept switching itself on/off.
So we took this one back and changed for an LG this was ok for a couple of weeks then this one started playing up too, the menu randomly appearing on screen, turning itself over, turning on/off etc, It does occasionally come up with a no signal page but I'm not sure to be honest if this is the case or its just another random message from inside the TV being displayed.

We have had an aerial specialist out who said the signal was good, an electrician out who couldnt fault the socket, this TV was sent for repair but no fault was found ?? Any advice please guys...
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my thought
the chances off all the tvs being on the same frequency are slim so try the old remote on the new telly to rule that one out
I had a similar thing but was a cheapo HD tv, think was hannspree/hanns g and I had to push them to replace it as the problem was intermittent. As for the LG doing the same its possibly environmental. No kinds/family members winding you up? When it switches itself on/off does it just randomly do it once or does it do it quite a few times at once?

Assuming this is an IR controlled TV, there's a few things to try troubleshoot:

Take batteries out of ALL remote controls when watching and only put a battery in when you need to do something. This way its not a faulty remote doing weird things.
Some phones also have IR features so if you have these (e.g. HTC one) again keep them out of the room.
Cover the IR sensor with lots of electrical tape until you cant control it with the remote.
Disconnect it from any WiFi or network if its a smart TV
Check your TV settings for something like CEC and disable it. This function allows control of the TV from other HDMI sources.
Have nothing else connected to the TV except the aerial

All these might help you try and narrow down or exclude possible sources of the problem.
I would also be looking for other items sending signals which upset the TV. Find the remote sensor on the TV and cover it with tape and try using manual controls only. I had an audio unit once which upset my TV.

There is also deliberate messing around, when I found I could load an app on the phone to control TV I also thought it was fun to change channels, the Flipper control I use for mother some times sends out two signals which the TV reads as one doing odd things. Some TV's are now using radio as well as inferred so computers, phones, can all interfere. Also strong radio signals, the one I remember was a CB guy who had decided to take his RAE and become a radio ham, he removed all his CB stuff and set up all his armature radio stuff but was not using it, his neighbour was sure it was his new aerials upsetting his TV. There was huge arguments as the guy knew it was not him, he had not transmitted at all. It transpired it was a friend who was helping him with the RAE, the friend had a really powerful CB in his car, and would draw up to the house and finish off a conversation before coming in. It was the car CB to blame. I have seen Police radios work an electronic organ when the police house across the road was still a police house, taxi radios stop ABS brakes working, and a amateur radio repeater stopping a guy from unlocking his car.

As to those units that use the ring final to be used for LAN signals they should be banned.
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Also knows flourescent lighting with poor or no earth so this to various items. Touch lamps especially. Had an old analogue cordless phone as a kid, and every time it was used, it would knock off the cd player (one in a coke can). Wasn't even remote control....

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