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A polite question to Admin:
Why am I excluded from the GD Forum?
For the last few hours I have not been able to access that forum, and only that forum, apart ffrom the Gas forum, obviously.
This is the screen I recieve when trying to access GD when I'm logged on:
View media item 41207
Also, over the last couple of days the speed of response of DIYnot to me has been slowly deteriorating.
Yesterday, it was taking up to a couple of minutes to create and submit a new post.
This has now deteriorated to several minutes and several failures in order for me to submit new posts.
This only happens with the DIYnot site and only when I am logged in.
Is this a deliberate tactic to discourage me from posting. If so, I think it's pretty scandalous treatment because I am prepared to confront racism.
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Er, you fall out with joe, joe has admin rights, er, 2+2= ?
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There have been some intermittent issues that have been affecting some logged in users, you're not the only one.
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