Expansion tank?

The pics are fine, I need to see whats hiding behind the woodwork in the same pic.
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The woodwork is due for the chop tomorrow. Need to get the old tank out. Can post a better pic then.
Before you take the tank out please.

A pic showing the boiler connection as well will be good.
The problem with your pictures is you are taking them in portrait whereas most image viewing programmes display in landscape by default.
They need rotating in Paint which is integral to all Windows operating systems.
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Turns out the Hydro Spartan is leaking too. Take it there is nothing similar to the Spartan on the market, Is it feasible to put the F&E tank above the hot water cylinder. Height to ceiling is 1.3m. 1.75m from radiator to ceiling.
Can't get a picture of the boiler connection as it is behind the cylinder. Pipes come through the wall behind it from the living room.
Where is the hot water pipe, does it tee off nearer the ceiling. :confused:
Yes it does. Comes back down into a walk in cupboard to the right and goes to bathroom and kitchen sink.
Not sure about that. I can only see 3 pipes going to loft. 2 cold water mains for my house and the upstairs house and the return cold water pipe for my domestic supply. Doesn't appear to be a vent. If we put a F&E tank above the cylinder it will be a metre from top of radiator to water level in tank but am I right in thinking that the overflow pipe has to be a minimum of 18" above that?
I'm thinking the one going up the wall from the back of the spartan, that you say is the hot water.

If it isn't then you need an plumber/heating guy in to sort it out
It is def the hot water from the cylinder via the top of the Spartan vessel that goes to the bathroom and kitchen DHW. Plumber is coming to replace indirect cylinder later this week and will see if a F & E tank is able to go in.
The boiler must have an open vent as should the cylinder unless you fit a different type.
There is an automatic vent as part of the design of the Spartan vessel. It's the little grey bit at the front about the size of a Heinz baby food can. I assume because both the heating and domestic water goes through this Spartan thing that the one vent does both. The thing is it's worked fine up to now and still would apart from a leak. If it would repair or if I could get a replacement it would go back on.
It must have an open vent, just a question of where is it, the same applies to the cylinder.

The auto air vent is to let the air out and is not a safety device.
Cylinder is replaced, same size as old one, indirect and vented. F&E tank installed, new immersion heater as well and all radiators are bled and heating. Can't get hot water though unless the immersion is on. Spent all weekend hunting an airlock and checking for a blockage but no joy. We find out tonight that the cylinder we bought is for a pressurised system and we are on a gravity system. Is there anything we can do to get hot water or do we have to start again with a cylinder for a gravity system?

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