Overflow Feeder Tank

That's my cylinder. Just 2 pies. 1 out top with hot water to taps (spilits for overflow) and 1 in bottom (cold water feed).

I might ring building control, they have already fallen foul of planning regs with regards to parking and haven't provided enough off street parking so I am sure they could mess up a hot water system!
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The pipe over the tanks a vent not an over flow. if water comes over that the immersions may be set a bit high. U are suposed 2 hav 900mm min between top of cylinder & bottom of tank. U probabley have a NHBC certificate to cover the build & they wont except small claims. If every flat is the same then thats a big claim.
Luckily there isn't any liquid coming out of the vent pipe from the cylinder. Although when the tank level reached it , it created a circuit of water but since then it has been fine. I will take on your suggestions and see how I get on. Many thanks. :D
I drained the sytem of all hot water last night and turned the heaters off. I woke this morning to still find it up at the overflow pipe and the ballcock valve appearing to be fine. I am most confused! Not even sure if calling out a plumber will help because it just doesn't make sense!
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with all the info sat here I'm not sure what to suggest. try the same again with the cold water turned off .
the way i have read the thread the only way water can get into the cwsc is going to be the mains at the ball valve (u say its working fine) or mains going up the hot pipe...thru the cylinder and up the feed pipe to the cistern
could this be it ?....its the only 2 ways in.
has someone connected the 2 at any point with anything. dodgy mixer tap/shower head and the cold is pushing the hot back (all the time ! not just when on ?
It does appear to happen when hot or cold - but very strangely not when the stopcock is turned off. But does do it when the valve further up the cold water feed pipe to the header tank is switched off!

However the ball valve appears to be fine - I have sat and watched it (sad I know) and is not leaking and indeed I put a plastic container underneath it (floating on the water) and it did not have a drop in it, even though the water level in the tank had risen.

It does indeed seem as though water is being pushed back up the system but I do not understand how. I'm at a loss now.
Just had a thought and although not "dodgy" I do have mixer taps on bath, bathroom basin and kitchen. Thinking about it, that answers why it still pushes back when the cold water is topped to the feeder tank but not when the stop cock is turned off. I just have to work out which set of taps now.

Many thanks and I think we may have a breakthrough

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