Extend New Type Virgin Media Cable

23 Jan 2006
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United Kingdom
Hi there

We have just had Tivo and VM Fibre broadband delivered on a self install package. Virtually all the supplied cables are too short. Basically a cable from the inlet to splitter, the two more from there to Tivo and home hub.

The connectors are something I've never seen before - they are very fancy looking push fit, not the screw type I have seen on VM and Sky before, the connectors are moulded on to cable. Never seen anything like these before!

I need to know if these cables are available anywhere or do I need to pay Virgin several hundred quid to come and move everything?

Cheers :)
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I think my first step would be to give VM a call and ask then to send longer cables!

If you have to, then Webro HD100 is the cable to use. You'll need for screw on F connectors too unless you want to shell out bigger bucks on the compression fit plugs.
Thank you for your replies guys

Sam Gangee, the Push fit F plugs you linked to look a bit different - do you / anyone else know if they will be exactly compatible with what Virgin have sent me?

Otherwise, in view of the fact this is Tivo and VM Fibre - Am I ok to just replace everything (cables from wall cable point, splitter and internal cables to TV & router) with screw type connectors and the cable suggested by Lucid above?

I don't think VM are going to send me the amount cable needed as I want the TV in the next room! I'm perfectly capable of running some AV cable underfloor though so as long as I know I can just replace the cable and splitter I'll probably just go for that option.

Many thanks
F plugs are F plugs. The only difference is the cable diameter and you need to choose plugs to suit that. I haven't seen any plugs specifically for HD100 but WF100 is as good (if not better - lower losses) and plugs are available for that. You don't have to use push-fit plugs or adapters; ordinary F plugs with nuts are fine and unlikely to disconnect themselves.

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