Extending a ring circuit... does this look right please?

2 Nov 2006
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United Kingdom
Hi, currently I only have one double socket in a bedroom. I'm wanting to add two single sockets to the ring from the existing double socket.

Does this look right please?

The blue wire is the existing and the yellow wire will be the new. The two 30 amp junction boxes will be used to join to the existing blue wire.

Thank you for any help.

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In the ring final is okay, but the method of terminating the joints, if the Junction Boxes are not easily accessible is not.
As they should be accessible for inspection and testing, so if under floors, in ceiling voids or buried, this would be difficult.
So the methods best used to do this is either install new cables for extending or crimp and heat shrink the joints.
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For starts i dont see why you need the top junction box at all?

The wires going to the same place before and after, so just use the original wire?

As for the lower JB, cant you reroute the blue wire so it reaches the new socket directly? Or find where it comes from/goes to, and run a new wire from there, so theres no joints at all?

Also, i'd suggest installing doubles rather than singles.
Thanks chaps for the replies.

Yes, I don't need the top junction box! Not enough wire to re-route to the bottom socket.
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If you can't pull one of the existing cables back to a new socket where you want it, why not put an extra socket in place of where you would have put a junction box (providing the location isnt totally incongruous), then cable to your new sockets from there.

Very little difference in cost
No junction boxes (accessible or concealed)
An extra socket you might even find a use for one day
What method is being used in regards as routing cable, buried or surface mounted?
I'd try if possible do avoid jointing and install new cabling.
No (shame) I can't replace the wire right back to the next socket. Trickly idea is a good one as the wire will be buried under the floorboards.

Thanks for this advice.
Where is the existing double socket?

Would it look bad to replace it with two singles?
Hi, sorry to sound like im throwing a spanner in the works.. not that most people will care anyway lol..as most people seem to take the view they do what they like in their own house and im not going to start yet another debate/argument on the whole part p stuff.. but I wanted to make sure you was aware just in case you wasnt.. then you can make an informed decision on if to go ahead or not.

But wouldnt this be notifiable work under part P?

Because I thought the limitations were that you could renew a single damaged cable, fittings/accessories replacing like for like.. or add a single socket to a circuit but anything more requires notification or a registered self certification electrician.

This proposed job would require new cabling and includes 2 extra sockets.

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