Extending a ring main using existing sockets

9 Mar 2006
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United Kingdom
I've moved into a 1960s property and have noted that a number of sockets are spurred off the ring main.

There is only 1 double socket on each spur, so no problem there??

However in the living room the ring main has been extended with 3 additional double sockets on a new 'ring' of 2.5 t+e, the ends of this new 'ring' have been connected into the back of a double socket on the existing ring main.

Is this okay?? Is it safe??? Has the previous owner simply created a spur using 2 wire runs instead of one.

Advice would be appreciated.
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No this is not permitted under BS7671 regulations and yes he/she has created a spur with multiple outlets off the ring.
Best way to resolve it is to disconnect one leg of the original ring and one leg of the new ring and connect them together, either with a terminal block or crimp connections.
The 2x2.5mm is rated to take the 32A that can flow before the MCB trips so it shouldn't burn your house down anytime soon...

But as Qed says it is against several regulations, is bad practice and would fail a Periodical Inspection!
Many Thanks QED & Pompeysparks.

The ring main drops down from the bedroom above, where there are some short screwed 'inspection' floorboards, so will connect under this floor with junction box to properly extend the ring.

Thanks again
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junction boxes under the floor = not accessible for inspection = not good.

However, you can interupt a ring at one socket, wander around as far as you like adding sockets, then re-connect at what used to be the next socket in the ring - that's OK, and just leaves you with a bigger ring (it doeesn't have to be ring-shaped.

It is even possible to do that in a room with just one existing outlet - put in a dual box with two single sockets; extend the ring from the left one, add your extra sockets, re-join the ring on the right one. Not especially elegant but perfectly sound and no junction boxes required.
On a slghtly different note JohnD, i'm having a bathroom re-done and am fitting 6 downlighters which are the waterproof type for shower/bathroom areas.

They each come with their own transformer and leads which the blurb recommends is connected to the 1mm lighting cable with connector block.

As this is tucked away in the ceiling, is this okay. Have pulled all the loft insulation clear and the loft is not boarded so heat can disperse.

Your advice would be much appreciated
best to create a new post or Linda will spank you.

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