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7 Jan 2011
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United Kingdom
Hi All, I currently have a small patio outside the back of my house, with a square clay gully about 6 inches below the level of the patio, into which my rain water (guttering) and kitchen waste goes.

We are planning on repaving the patio (currently concrete slab), and would like to raise the level of the gully, as its a hazard for my daughter.

Short of digging it up and replacing it, is there something I can get that will sit in the current gully and raise the level up. there is no manhole where the gully drains into the shared sewer, so need to ensure that it wont cause blockages.

Thanks in advance.

Edit- similar to first picture here, but with a square grid http://www.draindomain.com/drainage gullies.html[/color]
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Gully risers are available in clay and plastic.

Do mind though that it could make access to the trap more difficult unless you have arms like a gibbon. :mrgreen:
Usual case when a gulley blocks is the pot is full of crud, can be cleared either with energetic plunging or use a wet vac to empty it out. Sticking a hand down (even with decent rubber gauntlets on) is not for the faint hearted, nor recommended.... (You never know what may be lurking in the depths of the pot!) :eek:

If rodding access is a must at this stage then best solution is to replace with a 'bottle gulley', these have either a removeable insert or a plug in the outlet allowing access to the drain beyond. Advantages of replacing with a plastic gulley are the rainwater connection can be made to the back inlet and the waste(s) can be fitted to discharge below the level of the grid, making a tidier (and possibly less hazardous) installation. Gulley can then be fitted flush with finished patio level, no dangers of spillages from gunged up grids. :)
Thanks for tips gents. May bite the bullet and dig up the old gully. When we first moved in the gully was blocked, and I couldnt get my rods in, so i new bottle gully arrangement with a rodding eye will probably be best.

Now where's my spade? :rolleyes:
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Go gently when digging, those old clay pipes are fragile and you dont want to be replacing any more than you have to! :(

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