19 Mar 2004
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United Kingdom
Hi my neighbours built an a 2nd floor extension on top of their existing extension about three years ago. I queried the plans at the time because the guttering protuded the boundary line between us. The planning office guy told me that it would be ok as if I ever built a 2nd floor extension we could use a valley.

(Previous to the this we both had single storey flat roofs)

I'm now in a position where i can afford a similar extension but on measuring the gap between us there is only 100mm and 50mm of that is taken up by rendering. Their guttering protudes approx 150mm.

What are my options... is this gap sufficent?

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Thanks for the reply... is 50mm gap between the building sufficent? or will my neigbour have to knock his render off to give 100mm gap? would that be sufficient?
You can both build up to the property boundary, and not past it (without the others consent)

There is a very recent thread on 'secret gutters'

BTW. the planning officer was wrong to approve a proposal which crosses the property boundary
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Cheers woody.. so technically then there is no regualtion that states how far apart buildings need to be.. they could even touch? I'm just concerned that the regs dept will tell me that I have to move my building in a touch. Which would obviuosly have cost implications to me :cry:
The only thing which may stop you building close to the neighbours, is any local planning policy.

Some authorities insist on a 1m gap to the boundary on both sides, others will let one side build to the boundary, but then the other must keep 1m from the neighbours wall. So check with your local planners.

There is nothing technically to stop you connecting to neighbouring buildings, but some fire precautions may have to be incorporated.

The problem with joining or even touching neighbouring properties is that it will raise issues of ownership - ie the neighbours wall or roof belongs to them so it is not yours to build on to or against. You could commit a trespass by connecting to neighbours house, or create some onerous party wall obligations. It is always best to leave a gap

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