Overlapping guttering on my neighbors a new extension

14 May 2014
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United Kingdom

My neighbors are building a two story extension to the side of their house next to the two story extension I and my wife had built 16 years ago.

Our extension and guttering is definitely to our side of the boundary line, as our neighbors at the time, did not want us to build an extension and made sure of this. They wouldn't allow our builders onto their land at the time.

Now our current new neighbors have built an extension. The walls of our neighbors extension have now been put up as far as the roof and their builder is saying the architects plans were wrong because there is insufficient space for our neighbors gutter without it overlapping my gutters.
He is proposing overlapping our gutter with our neighbors gutter or creating one gutter joining both houses.

We were happy with the plans for their extension shown to us by our neighbors prior to the building work commencing, which did not show their gutter overlapping ours.

I am concerned about who would own the land beneath the gutters if they overlapped.

I am not so concerned about a build up of debris between the walls of the two extensions as the gap is big enough to walk down to clear any debris. This gap is slightly narrower to the rear of the two extensions than it is at the front. which may cause a problem with the position of one shared gutter or overlapping gutters.

I am also concerned about build up of snow between the roofs and over the gutters in the winter and any damage this may cause to the gutters. I live in the North East of England.

My wife and I get on well with our new neighbors and would like this to remain so. They have raised the issue with us and suggested we speak to their builder about it.

I am not sure what to do for the best.

I would appreciate some advice.

Thank you.
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I wouldn't let them put their gutter over my land. When you come to sell it may well be a problem. It's their problem, not yours.
Hi Joe-90

What sort of problem with sale of the house do you mean?

Could their guttering be set back over the top line of bricks on their extension wall to avoid overlapping our guttering?


When you sell a house then you sell it with all boundaries clear and free of encumbrances from other properties. I wouldn't buy your house if the neighbours structure was over your boundary line. Not worth the hassle.
There's usually something on the declaration form that you are asked to complete by the buyers solicitor in regard to clear boundaries. They can alter their build to stop this happening.
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This should really go in the Building Forum. It's not a roofing issue.
Hi Joe-90

Sorry I have put my post in the wrong section of the forum. Can it be moved to the building section?

How could they alter their build as the wall is up to roof line height?


Click on the 'alert moderators' button and ask them to move it. There are people in there that build extensions, and also people that draw plans.

You don't want a boundary dispute, it'll bite you just when you want to sell.

How they sort it is their problem - not yours.

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