Extortionate Bill.

23 Mar 2023
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United Kingdom
My elderly mother rents her property as she is living elsewhere. The tenant reported ( via the letting agents ) that there was no heating and hot water.
My elderly mothers usual plumber/heating engineer couldn't schedule a prompt visit, so she used the heating engineers that the letting agents 'have on call'.
The problem was diagnosed as 'a boiler water pressure issue' ( its a gas combi boiler ). To have it fixed cost very nearly £500 incl VAT. This was a part costing nearly £100, circa £300 in labour and VAT then added. Slightly taken aback, she asked for a breakdown, but the breakdown is just what I've mentioned, a part and labour. It seems to me the devil will be in the detail and its being with-held. It seems a helluva lot, am I right in that sentiment.
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How long were they there in total?
Including sourcing parts
, so she used the heating engineers that the letting agents 'have on call'.


Agents will be getting a very large drink out of that.

Work involved and the resulting bill can vary a lot depending on boiler. An expansion vessel or PRV on some boilers may be a quick/cheaper job. Others like the rubbish made by Worcester B need boiler coming off wall.
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would not be surprised if that wasnt the actual bill agents are trying to get tradesmen to double invoice one that agent pays one that gets sent to landlord with agents considerable mark up , sheer stupidity on tradesmans part as vat fraud. Have a look and see if tradesman is actually vat registered and maybe even give them a call asking what part was fitted
If I was visiting a house twice (we don't know how many miles, what time of day, possibly unsociable hours), sourcing a part, installing it then doing whatever admin then I'd probably want around £300.

This has to cover the costs of the business including running costs of a van plus a load of other overheads. It's not all money in their pocket.

How much do people think this should cost? I'm openly asking, I don't know what the going rate is. But perhaps it isn't a crazy amount.

I just had to pay a solicitor to fill in a few forms. It cost £500 + VAT = £600, no parts or tools needed and they didn't even get off their backside. The one who dealt with it probably wasn't even qualified in anything. Money doesn't go very far these days, less every day.
I don't know how long they were there or the part, hence asking for a breakdown. I'll try and find out.
Agent typically charges a 15% fee on top. Best off limiting agents to finding and checking tenants. You can write tenancy agreements with ease and plenty of independents will offer management services for less than an agent will charge.
seen omessage yesterday from an agent to mate who is a new landlord .
If you want to use your own contractors you have to provide copies of their professional indemnity ? public liability insurances and relevant professional certificates eg gas safe .
Told mate to tell them to do one none of that has anything to with them they are just trying to make it sound complicated so you use their people and they can rip you .
Only thing that concerns them is my gas safe number on the cert nothing else
I think my mum paid around the £400 mark a few years ago when she had to have the expansion vessel replaced on a Biasi boiler (now gone).
4 quid spent on a biasi would be wasted money
Yeah, I was told that by someone after the fact but they had just bought a bungalow, moved in during December so needed it done quick. The bungalow was at a knock-down price as it was a repossession and it was a cash purchase. I think it only took a week from looking at it to moving in. Had nothing but aggro for the next 18 months with debt companies and bailiffs turning up on the door looking for the previous tenants but that’s another story.
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