Fair price for work or a rip off

22 Dec 2007
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United Kingdom
I have just had a Quotation from British Gas for:-

1 Installing new Ideal Mexico HE 15 floor boiler & flu
2 Fit new Albion indirect SS mains pressure storage cylinder
3 Install one additional radiator
4 Fit new radiator valves (inc. TRVs) to 10 rads

Work includes the normal flushing, controls themostats etc. for updating the system and the removal of existing loft mounted cold water tanks & hot water cylinders.
The work is to be carried out in a 4 Bedroom bungalow

Net contract price £7122.75 :eek:

I was offered (and declined) a 10% discount if I signed "on the day", working on the principle - act in haste repent in leisure.

Whilst I appreciate that all work of this nature has hidden costs & unforseen snags occur, this does not seem to be a fair price to me, or am I out of touch with to-days costs. :cry:

Any comments would be appreciated
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the only way to realistically find out is to get other quotes for exactly the same work.

you are likely to find the BG quote to be the highest, by how much is unknown until you find out yourself.
Net contract price £7122.75


As above, you need to get quotes.

I would be looking at a top quality Combi myself for a bungalow unless you get through loads of hot water.

Look in the FAQs for a top rated one and get quotes :D
By net do you mean inc VAT?

I would have thought around £5000 + VAT (very very approx without a survey)

It can't be a rip off if you CHOOSE to accept it :confused:
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I,d agree with bahco,get a quote for a good quality combi and save yourself at least £3000.00
Top of my head without even checking I'd say materials £2500 for me for them take off £500 with their buying power.

Take the others advice and get yourself a top of the range combi and save yourself enough for a decent family holiday abroad somewhere sunny.
I would be happy to install a topquality combi all singing and dancing with remote programmable roomstat for half that, and that is in London.
but he proberbly spent many years at college and hard working time to earn that quote,dont hate the player hate the game.
so lets get this right

sign on the day save £700 - (£700 quid is a huge amount of money to save , i`ve known installers supply and fit a B&Q combi for this )

or sign the next day and pay £700 quid more :(

or get an independant round to give you a quote and references and save a genuine amount maybe £2000 grand.

answer - is it a rip off ? not if you have shares in BG :D
I don't like the term "Rip off" as they have simply given you the price for them to do the job...Other installers are available. Their work will be to a good standard and will comply with every regulation.

I would, however say that it is clear just how BG can fit a £300 circuit board for £156
When I saw that list and mentally totted up up the costs to suply and install I was thinking of about HALF of that BG quote.

But then we have not seen it and it may be that there are cream coloured fitted carpets every and its a nightmare of a job.

Many thanks for all the comments.
In the process of getting other Quotes.
The £7122.75 was inc.VAT - broke down roughly to £4000 parts £3000 labour.
Need the setup described as 2 bathrooms are 55' from each other with a kitchen & utility nearly the same distance.

Appreciate all the responses :LOL:


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