Farrow & Ball Exterior Masonry Paint - what's it like?

6 Mar 2006
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United Kingdom
Hi all,

Am looking to paint the outside of the house - it's painted render/pebbledash - and the colour we really like is a Farrow & Ball colour, Shaded White.


a) What's F&B Exterior paint like? Is it as good as Dulux Weathershield, Sandtex, etc? Don't care how easy it is to put on - am getting a decorator in :) - but am interested in how tough it is etc.

b) F&B paint is expensive - £45 for 5 litres (and I need 120 litres!) What's a decent colour matching service that is likely to be pretty accurate and cheaper?

c) Does anyone know of a Dulux/Sandtex/Leyland off the shelf equivalent of F&B's Shaded White?


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That's a lot of paint if the house has been previously painted - it must be pretty big. :eek:

Most decorators merchants do colour matching systems in various brands. I tend to get Sandtex Trade mixed and it's usually there or thereabouts. You can also get Leyland, MacPherson and Dulux colour matched (all trade versions), which are all good products.

I've never used Farrow&Ball masonry paint so can't give an honest opinion, but I can say their emulsions are very good so I would imagine the exterior paint is too.
Farrow and Ball apart from it's extensive colour range is both overpriced and overated, you would be far better off to consider the systems that Mr H has suggested.

Ps that is a lot of paint, you should be able to expect on a pre-painted surface covering power in excess 16m2 per litre.

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Hi all,

....What's a decent colour matching service that is likely to be pretty accurate and cheaper?

If you want to get a near perfect match to the Farrow & Ball paint then find out the British Standard Colour Code for the paint and give that code to the shop that you ask to mix the paint for you. This should give you as near a match as you will get. You might find the colour code on the tin or from Farrow & Ball.

I have pasted a link to a website providing some of the British Standard Colour Charts below.


Thanks for the advice, all - I'll try and get the Standard Colour Code for it, and see if I can get it mixed up in Sandtex or Dulux.

It is a fairly big house - I reckon there's about 200 m2, and I need two coats, so 400 m2 in total - have had three decorators round, and they all reckon about 120 litres. It's pre-painted pebbledash, so I guess the coverage won't be quite as good as if it was smooth render. Not too worried anyway, I'll only pay for what I use - just don't want to pay £45 a tin!

Thanks again


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