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10 Jul 2009
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United Kingdom
I need to have a high fence installed due to burglar activity in the area. My neighbour has a gravel board, fence and trellis at end of his garden which makes an 8' fence. Is it feasible to put two gravel boards on top of eachother and the trellis on top to make a 9' fence?
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maximum allowed it 2m or 6ft6" without planning permision

go for trellice on top with thorny plants as they dont count
make shure your trellice is wobbly and noisy they cant climb over if its too wobbly it needs to wobble enough to dicourage
go for noisy gravel before the fence so it makes a noise
go for pir lights to shine if someone breaks the fence line
Cheers mate, I see that some websites sell 60cm trellis in height also as opposed to the standard 30cm. Might go for that and a prickly plant like Hawthorn. Like the idea of the PIRs at the fence line also.
bit off black grease can be a bug ger to get off clothes but must be on top off the trellice so innocent people wont get covered ;)
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go to a decent fencing suppliers for the trellis.

doesnt really matter how high the fence is, if someone wants to get over it they will. Get some decent plants such as pyracantha along it. nice and thorny
Full agreement with above comments.
Just my thoughts; You can't stop intruders, only discourage them and make them think it's too much hassle. Make them think it's easier elsewhere.

When the fence is installed, if it's a panel type fence, make sure the panels are 'wired' together so that they can't be lifted.

A friend has constructed his fence with two gravel boards, one on top of the other, due to ground conditions and a smaller fence panel on top.
e.g. 2 gravel boards and 1 X 4' fence panel. It does the job well and looks fine.
Think i'll do that then, nice thorny bush as well to made things more awkward for the blighters.

Chukka 63.... like yr thinkin!

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