FIAT X250 Oil Warning Light

5 Feb 2011
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United Kingdom
Our Camper Van is based on a 2007, 2.2, X250 Fiat. It’s done 25K miles with no problems at all.
Recently, every time I start the vehicle the red ‘oil can’ warning light comes on and flashes – 5 times, every time – then goes out. It does not illuminate whilst driving. I have of course checked the oil level and it’s fine. The vehicle starts and runs OK, there are no other warning lights showing and no other adverse indications. I would appreciate advice or suggestions as to the cause. Thank you.

Wontstart :D
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If that warning light is for low engine oil pressure (check the hand book), get your local garage to do an oil pressure test using an oil pressure gauge, over a range of engine temperatures.
Also ensure the engine oil has not gone over its service interval (in the engine to long)?
I'm pretty sure - if this one follows the traditional Italian system - that the light is telling you that the oil needs changing now.
John :)
Thank you Mursal and burnerman for your replies.
I should have said in my original post that the camper was serviced about 4 months ago, by a garage that I trust and has only done 4000 miles since then. :?:
wontstart :D
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If it follows the usual Alfa procedure, I think this light can only be cancelled by Fiat, or those with the correct gear....a real bore.
You could, of course, ignore it.....if there is an oil pressure problem, it will come on anyway.
John :)
Looked on a Fiat forum and you are correct John. Just wonder how much they charge for that!!

That is all wrong really.
I wonder which particular reader is used....mind you, historically I tend to steer clear of Italian motors after the horrors of Punto head gaskets!
John :)
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