Filling a mouse hole around a rad pipe.

20 Jun 2019
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Hi. Just discovered a mouse hole in the floor around a rad pipe (I wondered where the beggars were getting in!). They’ve eaten through the carpet and there is a good inch-sized hole around the pipe. Is it ok to stuff the hole with steel wool & expandable foam around the pipe, or is there a better option?


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mouse traps by the holes!

And then replace air bricks with ones that are mouse proof?
Wirewool , couple of traps, mice only need a hole the diameter of a pencil for access so check around.
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Never had mice in here. Its a solid floor, the only air bricks are at high level, but we have a large garden bordered by railway waste land on the end, then a nature reserve at the side. All we get is squirrels and the occasional visiting fox in the garden, plus a lot of birds.
Wirewool , couple of traps, mice only need a hole the diameter of a pencil for access so check around.
This. Mice need the tiniest of holes to get through. Have a look around the house both inside and outside. Carry a pencil if needs be. They will squeeze through under doors if the gap is big enough. They will jump.

I advise killing as many as possible, as they multiply quickly. They become sexually active about two months after being born, pregnant for three weeks, and each mouse will give birth to 10-15 baby mice.

Plastic reusable traps were okay but sometimes they trapped mice rather than killing them. Wooden traps are best. Lay them along possible routes and leave them unset for a few days so mice become accustomed to them. Hard foods like cheese can be snatched from the trap without killing them. I used peanut butter so the mice would have to work at them, increasing the chances of kills.

They will eat through cardboard. Protect stuff like cereal by putting them in hard plastic or glass containers.

After you've killed them all, plug all the holes you made a note of. Steel wool is supposed to be tough on their teeth and claws. I used to plug holes with steel wool and expanding foam.
Mice don’t like cheese, chocolate is a favourite , though we used to have them stealing from the cats food bowl.
Peanut butter smeared to the trap is best - the mice need to lick it off - often they are quick enough to take the cheese and run before the trap falls!

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