Finlock - neighbours removed theirs, now I have problems

12 Apr 2012
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United Kingdom
I'm looking for a bit of advice regarding a problem we now have since a neighbouring property removed their finlock gutters and replaced them with normal plastic guttering.

The neighbours are the end terrace in a row of 5, they have recently had their gutters cut off and replaced with plastic. I believe they were having damp problems.

My property has never had any such problems and I've always cleaned out and relined the gutters every couple of years.

There is no downpipe on our guttering (or the other neighbours) so the water flows along the shared finlock gutter but then the join between the finlock and the new plastic isn't capable of handling the flow and water therefore pours down the outside of the wall. This isn't causing a problem yet but I suspect it is just a matter of time.

I know the deeds for the property say that we all need to maintain shared drainage but what is the best course of action here?

I haven't spoken to the neighbour yet as I don't live at this house and would like to fully understand my position before I discuss it with him.
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How has he done the joint between the finlock and plastic.
Is it standard sized gutter they put up.

I cant see them getting a waterproof joint between the 2 different gutters.
This I'm not sure of, I want to get up a ladder in the next couple of weeks to make sure that mine are clear and to photograph the join.
The fitters should have advised the customer that the standard 112 gutter wouldn't be enough to take all the pressure of yours and the other house.

They should have installed a 150mm round gutter to take the water, however it does look a bit kack as it's quite industrial looking

I suppose the fitters attitude is once their customer gets it done the other houses will follow suit.

Tricky one really...
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I haven't managed to get up to take pictures yet, but it is clear that the old and new aren't joined to allow water to flow - the concrete gutter has just been capped off with a flat piece of plastic, therefore all the water from my roof has to go 5 houses to the left!
Why dont you post a pic from ground level of the whole terrace - its unclear where your RWP's are.

Blocking off a common gutter is against Blg Regs (i think).

There are adaptor connectors for concrete to plastic but you claim that no transition has been used.

Concrete gutters are fixed level so the water will flow both ways.
It sounds like the alternative outlet is 5 houses down, where as yours probably had a fall going to the other side, which is now capped.

You need to pay a visit to the property, check the falls etc, sounds like they haven't given any thought to your gutter.

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