First ceiling tomorrow

14 Aug 2008
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United Kingdom
I have skimmed a few walls in my house, I am very happy with the finish. I am gonna try my first ceiling tomorrow, it is only 2.4m by 2.4m. The walls that I have done have all been plasterboard, on the ceiling I have flacked off all the loose paint. Should I do one coat or pva/water mix let this dry then apply another coat, leave to go tacky or just one coat of pva/water mix then skim.

Also any tips on doing skimming a ceiling would be great. Also will post some pictures of some of the walls I have done and the ceiling tomorrow.


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Definately do the PVA.

As for recommendations, try to get it on a bit quicker than you would a wall, and also depending on how you like your mix you may want it a bit thicker. Also I'd recommend goggles as its your first time.

Good luck
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When you tackle a ceiling set up a plank between two steps so that you are about 6 inches from the ceiling. Then you can walk along the plank when polishing. If you don't - you'll have problems with trowel marks.
I would pva the ceiling tonight with a 4-1 mix applied by a roller, and before you strart plastering give it another going over with the roller with the same pva mix. And dont forget to tape your joints and if you didn't tape the wall ceiling joint when you did the walls put some scrim tape around the ceiling as close to the wall to fill any gaps when you skim over it.. Might be an idea to wear a base-ball cap and some safety glass's or if you haven't got any safety glass's a pair of swimming goggles can also be used.... Good luck ,remember a ceiling is only a wall , on its side ;)
Ceilings, not for the feint hearted & I still hate them. Don’t make your mix any stiffer, all that will do is make it go off quicker just accept that on your 1st attempt most of it is going to end up on your head; safety glasses are a good idea until you stop dropping it. Do the plank as joe suggests but don’t fall off & work away from the light; good luck, you’ll need it ;) !
Dust sheet alert, dust sheet alert, dust sheet alert!!!

Good luck - be methodical and quick.

As I used to say - In nomine plasteris, et fillitus eyes, et sprintus sandwich. Hey man!
good advice chaps!

baseball cap and goggles ALWAYS for me despite having done a few now, better to be safe when it comes to eyes!

best advice i can give is get it on AS QUICKLY as you can and don't worry what it looks like just cover the ceiling, then you can go back to the start and flatten it, if you give in tot he temptation to get it flat as you go you could end up losing it.

good luck
im sure you have the ceiling by now but id recommend you get a pair of stilts
I suggest they are overpriced if it is a DIYer attempting his own ceiling for the first time.

I would be too tempted to wear them out, probably pick the kids up from school wearing them :LOL:
Got my first set of stilts for over £200 a few years ago and sold them and bought a pair for £80 two years ago, I recently did a ceiling over 9 foot high, Once you get used to them they are the only way to do ceilings got mine from a tool company with the same name as a Carpet manufactuer beginning with Ax....... Check them out..

PS They have got them for £83......
think i've decided to give them a go soon, when you get a ceiling of a decent size you soon get sick of moving your hop up around and getting on and off it, only downside of stilts is that if you work on your own as i do you have to get on and off them to mix up which is why i was thinking of going for skywalker 2's as they are easier to get on and off.

that tool place you mentioned roy is good, bookmarked that! the £83 stilits look like original marsahlltown ones which sell for well over £100 elsewhere, there skywalker 2's are quite expensive though.

found a site in the US that will ship 2's to the uk for £197 all in, anyone know of any cheaper?

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