Fit an extractor fan in shower area and duct through roof

24 Aug 2007
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United Kingdom
I would like to fit an extractor fan above the shower and duct this directly through the roof (to come out on the roof tiles). Please can anyone advise me on the way to go about this?

The current extractor is fitted in the window and is absolutely hopeless!! It removes hardly any steam. So I would like to fit this in the ceiling above the shower area and duct this through to come out on the roof.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks

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As well as having an extractor fan, you need sufficient ventilation in the room to replace the air removed by the extractor.

If the ventilation is insufficient, then you can fit as big an extractor fan as you like, and have the fan blades thundering round as if the whole house is trying to achieve a vertical take off, but it still won't extract anything.

Turn the fan on, and listen to the sound it makes. If the sound changes as you open and close the room door, then ventilation may be at the root of the problem

Modesty permitting, you could try wedging the door open about an inch, and see if that improves the extraction rate of the existing fan.

I solved a similar problem by shaving about half an inch off the bottom of the door.
Hi, thanks for the info those look excellent.

Unfortunately, much as I would love to duct out through the eaves, I live in a bungalow with a very low apex - you can kneel in the centre of the loft, but to get into the eaves you have to squirm on your belly like a worm :LOL: :LOL: The roof also overhangs the front and rear of the property by approx two foot, so you cannot get to the fascia board where I would assume the duct ended??

To have the duct come out of either side of the bungalow is also not really viable as it is approx 30 foot in each direction - the shower room is fairly central.
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Hi TicklyT, I have already tried with the door open!! I want to get rid of the old fan anyway because it is an unsightly item stuck there in the window.


Best way to go about it probably find a suitable fan, ie one designed for use in or directly above a shower, get an electrician to install it and ask on the roofer's forum how to get it vented through the roof.

I've installed ceiling fans in bathrooms before but always left it to someone else to make good through the roof.

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