Fitting an outside socket for charging hybrid car

So they are simply a non starter.
The point you and plenty of other people have missed is that using an EV is not driving until there is 1 mile of range remaining and then start looking for somewhere to charge. That is what people with petrol or diesel vehicles do.

Electric vehicles are charged wherever parked, and it's not necessary or even desirable to fully charge before driving again.
How long it takes to charge or how much is added per hour is mostly irrelevant, as no one stands next to their car waiting for it to charge.

The calculated range in the video is entirely unrealistic and has been deliberately done to show the worst possible scenarios of driving continuously for hours at high speeds with excessive loads in or attached to the vehicle. Normal driving does not average 70mph or anywhere near that.
Not surprising either that towing a massive caravan severely increases energy consumption - the exact same thing happens when towing a caravan with any vehicle regardless of it being electric, petrol, diesel or anything else.

25 mile local shops, 50 mile youngest daughter, and 100 mile other two children.
A 100 mile journey is easily within the capabilities of almost all electric cars, the exceptions being things like the Fiat 500e or the Smart EQ which are tiny cars designed for urban use only.

If you meant 100 miles each way, there are plenty of rapid charge facilities in every direction from Llanfair Caereinion, considering that 100 miles from there is enough to reach almost every part of Wales, and into England to places such as Derby, Preston, Coventry or Cheltenham. That assumes that rapid charging would actually be required on those journeys - with the car in the video being driven on a real journey along real roads at realistic speeds, they would not.
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no one stands next to their car waiting for it to charge.
There is a 22 kW charger other side of window where I work, and often we see people sitting in their cars waiting for it to charge, so clearly people do sit in their cars waiting for it to charge.
Not surprising either that towing a massive caravan severely increases energy consumption
It was not a massive caravan it was about smallest you can get, I towed a 1350 kg caravan and clearly it increased the fuel consumption of my Kia Sorento and it used around 25% to 35% extra depending on the terrain, but not 60% extra, and in real life not only caravan but two ebikes and all our luggage as well.
there are plenty of rapid charge facilities in every direction from Llanfair Caereinion

29 miles to Dolgellau which is why the point in Llanfair Caereinion at the railway is so well used, the one rather close is in a caravan site, not public assess 24/7 and only 7 kW, one in Llanfair Caereinion is 22 kW if the car can use it, and there are so few often see both points in use.

To charge en-route really need a rapid charge point, and in Wales they are few and far between, so visitors to the railway with an hour trip get 22 kW if they can use three phases, that would be 90 miles worth of charge, which is clearly likely to get most people home again. But at 7 kW down to 30 miles, one tends to go out to one venue, so this could mean having to stop off to charge on way home.

Neighbour had a Renault Kango long wheel base electric van, manufacturers range 110 mile, used for a milk round 64 miles, and he had 4 free recoveries per year, and he failed to get home quite a few times, and never used his heaters, as he said he expected a little under advertised range, but 42% less is going a bit OTT.

And to have to drive around without heaters on is not really what should be expected, we know the AC or heater can reduce range, but not by that much.
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hi Swwils

can you confirm if your outside socket is unswitched please ?

I’m curious because I am following the advice kindly shared by flameport, but I’m struggling to find a replacement BG unswitched switch, to replace the switched one that came with the original socket


Mine is probably not a good example to replicate, the installation will only ever be as good as the person putting it in, which in my case came with the house.

If in doubt get a qualified and knowledgeable individual.

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